What are some of the recent changes? Haven't played since Update 139

Noticed in-game that the CI2 themes are being used for the Sqwauker bosses which feels nostalgic, and read in the steam update logs that the CI2 mothership is now in the boss roulette. Anything else pop up that I missed? These are pretty comfy changes.

Why don’t you read by yourself?

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You just need quote the official “CIU version xxx”, you don’t have to quote the BETA topics. They’re enough to know all information anyways.

Next time you should check Forum more careful by yourself. Try to use “Search” in Forum.

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pretty much nothing gameplay wise

I guess I should’ve clarified, things not mentioned in these updates. The new music theme from CI2 was not mentioned in those as far as I looked.

Everything is mentioned in these updates.

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