⚠ Exploit & cheating policy

:information_source: This is the new policy, which takes effect on February 1, 2023. It supersedes and replaces any and all previous policies.


If some game mechanic is broken or unbalanced in the game and you take advantage of it, that’s an exploit. It’s an exploit if you find somewhere to sell equipment for more than you bought it for. It’s an exploit if you farm boss levels for keys from the infinitely spawning chickens. And it’s an exploit if you use an auto-clicker to reach much higher manual firing rates than any human could.

In exploits you’re still playing within the rules defined by the game, and it’s up to the game to fix them. We’re fine with this – you’re doing nothing “wrong”. The game should change prices, or should prevent chickens from dropping too much food, or should lower the maximum allowed firing rate of a weapon.

Now, if you use Cheat Engine (or whatever) to remove/increase the firing rate… well, now you’re cheating. You’re cheating if you hack the game so that items cost less. You’re cheating if you reduce enemy health. And you’re cheating if you gain an unfair advantage against other players.

With exploits, everyone is still playing by the same rules. With cheating, you’re making up your own rules.


Note that cheating is a violation of the Terms of Service, and the usual penalties for any such violations apply. This is simply a clarification of these terms.

Specifically, if you are caught cheating even once, then your cheated account will be immediately and permanently banned without warning. Any accounts that you created in the past may also be banned without warning. Any future accounts you create may also be banned without warning. Ban decisions are irrevocable and cannot be appealed.

Nevertheless, in very very VERY special cases it is possible to obtain a ban exemption if all of the following apply:

  • You have engaged in ‘white hat’ cheating in the past (that is, you have reported cheats that you found so they can be stopped).

  • You have a separate game account dedicated to testing for cheats (this cannot be an account that also has legitimate progress attached).

  • You are well-known, respected, and in good standing within the CIU community.

  • You obtain a ban exemption before you cheat.


@iIfireIi approves

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i wonder if it could be a bit more lenient if you use the weapon spreadsheet since i recall it prevents counting in progress from missions that were played with it

Using a custom Excel is not considered a cheat for the purposes of this policy. Of course, you will be kicked out and the mission won’t count, but there won’t be any ban.


What I meant is if someone cheats while they also have a custom excel on for preventing that cheat from affecting progress


you mean like weapon data?

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I’m kinda new to CIU and I don’t know if you get banned for using custom sprites with IAMI , like Weapon Reskin Library V2.0 . Can someone help ?

You will need to do this from a whitelisted account, otherwise you will be banned.

This might change in the future, but currently all mods are allowed.


Alright, guess I’ll have to proceed with necromancy and summon “VerMishTest” from the graveyard next time I touch anything related.

By the way, you should probably make vertex shaders protected from changing. I doubt there are many ways they can be modded in a good way (aside from making the whole game Star Wars text sequence), but modifying the main vertex shader may and will lead to darkness overlay being broken in a way that would allow seeing the distant stuff.

Not to mention that decompiling and compiling them back is not a very fun task anyway, so I doubt anyone will be willing to do this with good intentions.

good i dont us any mode bec i dont wana ban

I quoted, so everyone with eyes can see it twice.

I have a player named NhiemVuBinhDuong who uses slow motion hack when I go to multiplayer I see her name NhiemVuBinhDuong then I join her and she uses slow motion hack

what exactly is slow motion hack

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maybe the lag hack i’m not sure

it should be called Speed Hack instead of slow motion hack
I guess that’s what he wanna say

Can you please explain exactly how you know that? How is the game different than normal?

If you have a video, please share it.


What happend if accidently system bug on anti cheat system, but the player isn’t cheating and respect the rules? Can it be ban exemption?

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That still need to be checked, though. There was an report about false ban already

Yes, if it is proven that the ban system made a mistake. These cases will become rarer and rarer, however.