Early Access version 117.2

You are probably using the appetite magnet, it allows you to collect stuff that are far from your spacecraft.
Plus, you use BX, it already gives you a massive hitbox.

I wasn’t using the magnet, plus I don’t think a BX would increase the hitbox by THAT much
Chickengaming has a probable reason here

Appetite Atractor.

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What about the laser scope? Isn’t it an hardpoint that functions more as a quality of life improvement, to help aiming, rather than it being just a decoration?

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I’m tired. Anyways, have fun with this idea y’all.

Check these out:

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so, i might have found a bug that daring someone cut the planet in half

The raid has started!

My peripheral vision actually thought the bullet was a coin.
I died to it :slight_smile:


I also once died to a glowing yellow chick mistaken as a key

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Suggestion: All “unnamed” users should be assigned a completely random name.
It’s just a detail change to differentiate the unnamed ones apart really.

Also, the first name change costs 0 keys, then its 90 after that point on.


I think this is unnecessary.

However, about this problem, sometime i see much player with unnamed callsign in a leaderboard. So i have an suggestion about this: They can’t join any Competitive mission (include Daily Mission, Weekly,…), and also the leaderboard about Daily/Weekly active. If that player has Squadron, their Squadron can’t be appear in the squadron active leaderboard, too

No offense but this is more irrelevant than his suggestion. All competitive missions should be playable for all. it won’t make sense to disallow some players to play competitive mission since that won’t affect anything. other games with leaderboards have this feature.

Squadrons are presented by it’s name not it’s owner’s.

You got a point. I invited a friend to play CIU and he wasn’t able to join multiplayer because he didn’t have enough key to get a callsign (he said he didn’t spend keys for anything and he has just finished the first mission). I had to wait him grinding for keys to start play together. He did it very hard because he was a newbie.

90 keys for a callsign isn’t many, but it somewhat temporarily limits what a new player can do. Just assign them an ID like Recruit #xxxx or something instead, or let them choose a callsign for free when they create an account. I remember a lot of other games do that. What do you think?

I would understand that better, since it’s a word.

I hate it when that happens

would be cool tho

I personally think that bonus design should be obvious to players.
They’re only shown for like what, 3 secs, so players looking at that should understand what it is immediately.
The last thing we want is for them to ask what does this bonus do or how do I get it … everywhere in the forums.

Somehow, i would like to see Hero said “Pillow fight!” on Feather Fields mission.


No (?)
Try to increase HUD opacity to find the answer

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