Rules for Multiplayer and automatic kick and ban

Don’t really know how to explain this, but can there be rules for Multiplayer? Like not being toxic, too much chaos (for some reason), begging for CHL and more, by breaking any of the rules you can be automatically kicked or banned from the game of that person, or just all of Multiplayer in general. I don’t have anything to say anymore because I have no ideas lol.


No toxic/arguing in chat and stealing all the firepowers if you ask me for the rules, chaos can be what it is (it can be calm or really chaotic)

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No thanks. First of all, the system could easily end up banning people who don’t actually do anything bad. What if people in some private game want to have fun and cause as much chaos as possible during waves? What if friends are just throwing joke insults at each other? How does the system differentiate these from actually mailicious people? Not only that, but I imagine this would be a hell to code. There’s absolutely no reason to add this when hosts can just kick whoever they want.
What would be cool tho, is a blacklist you can customize which would prevent any players on the blacklist from joining your games.


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