New Slots

Hello friends! Today I want to showcase a new Category, Slots!

(Sorry for bad drawing, this was done on a phone)
As you can see there are 3 new Slots, Cuisine, wave music, and boss music slots
Cuisine slot price: 157
Wave music slot: 120
Boss music slot: 139
There is a limit to all slots.
Wave music slot: 14 (correct me if Im wrong)
Boss music slot: 4
Cuisine: 3
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CHL is required to buy this (if you dont have one then double the price.
@ChickenGaming, @Recruit_75 Idea :medal_sports:
:new: Background slot: Max 4
Price: 50 (100 for Contraband) @ChickenGaming Idea :medal_sports:

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Doesn’t sound too different from the current system, we already have dedicated cuisine slots, wave music slots and boss music slots.

Most I can say is increase the boss music slot limit to 5 and the background slot (that category also exists), to 5 and the cuisine slot to 5 as well.


Basically, 3+2 slots each section, the additional slots being buyable with keys (only for CHL members)?

Nah. I think people would beg for it more.

Yeah, although Orville’s idea (additional hardpoint slots) was added not too long ago.

Here’s my proposal:

  • Background - 3 Slots, Max 5 with CHL
  • Cuisine - 3 Slots, Max 6 with CHL
  • Wave Music - 6 Slots, Max 10 with CHL
  • Boss Music - 6 Slots, Max 10 with CHL

Basically more benefit for CHL.


Should we do half and half?
EX: Wave music: you can get 2 slots with keys and 2 for CHL owners.

Still think dividing them into paid by keys and into CHL exclusives makes things more complicated.


Keep the original decorative slots, and add a few more of them, which require some keys to get.
Price it around 100-200 per slot, doubled if you don’t have CHL.
Short and simple.

Though I’d like to have it be in 2 seperate categories if we take this route:
one for mission slots, and the other for decorations slots,
then the decorations slot can then be split into food, background and music.
Also, plz add more backgrounds to the game.

Also if this got accepted, it means another reset to all config presets. But still, worth.


I think all of them should be into 1 category.

Added to topic :medal_sports:

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IA Vibes

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yes lol

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Added :medal_sports:


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