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Hello friends! Today i will be showcasing a new feature; Custom quotes!
How do they work you might ask? Well it’s simple. To make a custom quote first you need to go to Customize and go to the ship you want the custom quote to be in. You can create multiple quotes. But for an extra one you need to pay 25 keys, and the price will increase for every new quote. They will appear randomly in-game.
WARNING: :warning: You’re not allowed to put inappropriate quotes or anything that violates the game’s ToS. If this feature gets added i will make a topic about this.
And that’s all! Hope you like it!


Is this like hero quips? I think most hero quips are timed to fit the situation, how do custom quotes fit in-game?

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*Entering comet chase mission*
Hero: Ah shit, here we go again.

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Lol. :laughing: :laughing:


a mysterious ship approaches: yo go away purple egg


A mysterious quote approaches…


“omgggg im in chocken invason universal game!!!”


You should’ve polled it but here ya go

Should this be added?

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Why should a feature like this cost more and more the more you buy it? No other item in the game does this. Everything else seems okay regarding this idea but this particular part makes no sense to me.

I’d like to suggest a solution. If this idea is accepted, to ensure the quotes fit the situations, we should create a topic and let the community discuss which quote coresponding to which situation. Then, iA will review and moderate it later. Finally, we will have an extended set of hero quips timed to their waves.

The process above will guarantee that every quote satisfies the ToS and fit the situations.

The whole set will be sold at a bit higher price, like 100 - 200 keys. The set can be toggled on or off, or if iA want to put more effort in it, every single quote can be optional.

If the number of moderated quote ideas continues to raise, they can be added to existing sets or create a new set.

To avoid exhausting iA, we will only open for discussion in few weeks or months, choosing few dozens or hundreds quotes and group them into sets. Since then, the sets will be fixed and maybe edited annually later.

I believe our forum can create many funny quotes with hillarious parodies and puns. I can see some of you are very excited with this idea. What do you think?

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