Foggy and Rainy Enviornments. Part 1

Foggy Enviornment:

You’re like “It’s just 3 gatlings whats so special about that?”

For this you need to know that there are 2 types of waves
1- Waves that all chickens come at once.
2- Waves that all chickens come out into groups.
Type 1:
Let’s take Three Stroke Engine for example.
In it all chickens come out all at once, the fog will cover all of them, there is one thing, the fog isn’t transparent like Frozen. You can’t remove it by going through it. The ONLY ways the fog can be gone is by the wave ending. And some sort of light. Like Mines.
Type 2:
Let’s take Swimming With Space for example. In it, the chickens come in groups, the fog will cover each group.
Rainy Enviornment:

As the picture says, if u get hit by 100 rain drops you will be frozen for 1.5 seconds. (I will make a topic about an item that tells you how many drops left to be frozen)
The rain will rain (no pun intended) water on your screen and all over the map, which will cover your screen and spacecraft if you get hit, The clouds have a chance to send lightning.
This is only Part 1.

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Part 2:

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And why exactly was it needed to divide it into 2 topics? You could even post it here as 2nd post if you wanted.


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