Post your Chicken Invaders artwork!

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Ha! I just saved this topic from being locked!

But this topic has been disabled auto-close by iA (it used to be closed and someone requested iA to do so).


Well, excuse me for not knowing it. I was literelly inactive for half a year!

It literally wasn’t literally

What’s this, ChickenInvader45 uploading one of his creations? And it’s only been a month?

Yes. So ever since the new breeds and the Heavy Bomber were released, I wanted to something about them. Two problems:

  1. I didn’t have the Heavy Bomber assets back then
  2. Art block (no inspiration)

The time has passed, though! Now, don’t expect frequent posts or anything, but on the meantime, have this!

Now about this piece:

  1. The main highlights are the Heavy Bomber ship and the new chicken breeds. You can see a little formation in the image, showing a Slob Chicken (the only one I have yet to encounter in-game) surrounded by Toxic and Coward Chickens.
  2. The Heavy Bomber you see is equipped with @GgWw1175’s Krypton Phaser (the newest one, read more about it here)
  3. You can see in the background my random weapon gift (more info here), only included it for fun.
  4. If you look real carefully, you can spot some Constructor Chickens (concept by @kokokokos, more info on this link) repairing the Yolk-Star™.

Aaaaaand that’s it! Let me know what you think.


Nice but that big chicken looks uhhh idk drunk or something :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@LeeMacCloudy You’re free to raid my DMs, but please leave other topics alone with your spam, thanks.

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What does this stand for?

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Got gnomed

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I saw this from a mile away.
Well, who didn’t, honestly.

Also, I had the most random dream about this image. You cursed me.

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Boring in school


I’m bored sometimes too, but I drew a mess of CIU in a blank paper


I made a quick comparison image of the various enemies, bosses and other things in the Chicken Invaders games, based on the in-game sprite sizes (probably isn’t accurate).

Some interesting results:

  • The Henterprise appears to be much smaller than I thought it was, since it uses a 200% zoom compared to the Egg Cannon’s 300% zoom. Based on this, it’s not that much larger compared to Earth.
  • The Yolk-Star™️ is smaller than the CI4 Mother-Hen Ship.
  • The Yolk-Star™️’s surface on its boss fight appears to be larger than the cutscene sprite (I made it match the Yolk itself).

Ask me if you see the auto-closing message.
A tip: double think before making a fool of yourself
And this was even a useful “bump”.

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huh? That’s a bump but it’s good, it is a part of this topic