CIU version 146

A few ideas for IA (Summer Edition):

Perhaps turn the yolk from the Mother-Hen Ship Mk III boss into a volley ball too? Or turn it into a half of a watermelon with black seeds on it, or into another fruit like an orange or a kiwi?

The fire satellites, if used on enemies or bosses, could cause/increase (sun) burns. It’d be a cool cosmetic effect since the heat in summer is higher.

The lasers of the Mysterious Ship boss are still green. Not very fitting for a coconut. How about turning those lasers white considering the inside of the coconut is the same color? Oh, and what about its death smoke (same colors from the original)? Brown and white, maybe?


Don’t worry, iA is planning to upload the rest of the CI Games separately but I don’t know if he gonna upload the OG Versions or the remastered versions from CIU.

Volley ball inside a watermelon :watermelon:

The mysterious coconut ship should also make some white particles whenever it shoots it’s lasers (so it look like it’s shooting coconut juice), a small detail i know but it would make it look cool :slight_smile:


flashing strobe most recently hate that color green current they are mixed on colors so reverted it white (well then this is a bug isn’t difficult mixed about colors or a mod).

Events should retain their color but should substitute the spaceship for different icons.

And top 10 should have different icons.


Too early but here we are.

Should be this

Have some propositions:

1- I think the chickens that Burgermeister spawns give you points, which can be a potential exploit.

2- Add a notification tab for videos and highlights in-game. (where the events and useless notifications are)

3- You may not know this, but the Hypergun is my least favorite weapon (no one asked) so I want to propose a buff for it;

As you kill enemies (for bosses then as you damage it), it’ll start to condense and reduce the amount of projectiles (until it goes down to one) it has and will still retain its damage (for example if all the bullets’ damage equals 1k damage that projectile will deal 1k damage). After being just one bullet, it’ll have piercing privileges and 10% extra damage but 5% les firing speed, and it’ll have two projectiles at max power. (it’ll also reduce the projectile’s damage as it pierces multiple enemies, then it’ll be back to its normal damage)

Last for 100 kills, and for bosses until the wave ends.

4- Upon destroying Thundercluck during the music notes attack, its guitar will still play even after he’s dead.

5- Thundercluck’s surfboard (or whatever that is) shouldn’t make a guitar sound in Summer Edition.

Some topics to review:


this squadrons inappropriate some reason?

who is host squadron i report it sometimes.

If “newbie” is considered inappropriate then I don’t even know what’s appropriate nowadays.


it might be this one who create the squadron (that player was impersonating Lowee)
Screenshot (291)

yeah it’s zack wearing CHL maybe changed copied callsign (i’m mentioned)… everyone report him pls i’m reported already

I have never added lowee to my contacts, who is this imposter?

zack is imposter riel in vietnamese guy… he taking invite add my contacts already?

Lowee have more score so not him

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1 thing and i heared this guy talking about lowee and telling him bad things in discord server idk because he bullied them is it true?

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Me too i don’t remember who is that person

As 2sN said it’s exactly

And yes, I have already in my contacts


Didn’t a certain someone get banned years ago by IA for doing something similar (spacecraft name)?

The general idea is that you are free to call yourself an “idiot” as long as it’s not directed to someone else. This is directed to someone else, but that’s just “noob”. I doubt anything more than a callsign reset should be done.

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