Innovative ideas for Chicken Invaders Universe

Hello members of Shark Tank! I would like to share my ideas for
35% equity. Let’s get started with the legitimate ideas and joke ideas:

I- Cryogenic Ray

This is an ice-based and piercing weapon. Just to clarify, it does not have the privilege to be charged like Absolver Beam, it will penetrate through enemies, freeze them (50% less movement and projectile speed), and reduce their health by 50% every 1/8th of a second (1/6th for hard enemies).

Here’s a summary of its damage values (may need some tweaks depending on community feedback)

II- Tesla Bolt

This is a satellite-type weapon, about how it works; it has a magazine of 3 (small I know, but you have something even smaller (don’t cancel me I’m joking)). Upon shooting it, it will release a big electric/plasma ball (unironic), upon coming into contact with an enemy, any chicken that has a correlation to metal/electricity (chickenauts, armored…) will instantly perish, and the other beta enemies will suffer from half health syndrome and will be stunned for a few seconds (goodbye epic waves).

III- The Illusionist
(I have no images of this boss because I don’t have the ability to use a paintbrush properly (i am lazy))
Design has not been established, iA can do the job.

1- Episodic Memories: The chicken will turn into a random boss for 10 seconds but with complex privileges (faster movement and projectile speed)

2- Hypnotic Data (totally not an Odetari reference): He (or it) will spam hypnotizing spirals on screen, if a player comes in contact with one, they will automatically ram onto The Illusionist.

3- Intergalactic Portals: There will be 4 portals on the bottom of The Illusionist, 3 of them will have chickens going inside of them, and one you will slowly go inside of (you’ll also be spinning) if you don’t manage to kill 6 chickens in 5 seconds, you will be sucked inside the portal, perishing.

4- Unwanted Guest: He will turn into a giant version of an existing enemy (only hard ones like slobs and armored) but with a genetic mutation (increased projectile speed, increased bullet amount, movement speed, and 10x health than its predecessor.

Damage values are under your crotch:

IV- The Book of Miscellaneous Origins

(Mostly inspired by Free Fire)

This book can be found on the Profile screen, upon clicking on it, you will see question marks on every page (there are about 100, try adding the number of enemies and bosses in CIU together) by revealing the Chamber of Secrets (playing a mission) you will see some pages with silhouettes of chickens and bosses, you are tasked to kill 1000 of each chicken and 50 of each boss that exists, upon completing one enemy page, you will be awarded some keys, and one boss page, you will be awarded some keys and other stuff (cuisines, perishables…).

  • After completing every page, you will have a shining book by your name, signifying that you completed one of the hardest (totally) tasks in the game.

V- Easier Shady Dealer Interaction

Have you ever come across a shady dealer and found it selling a legendary BX-9? The only logical thing you would be doing is getting keys to buy it, but after you get them all, it disappears without a trace. With this insight, you will be given two options, either increase the duration of it being in the star system it’s at (max. 1h) or have a gold dot, slower movement speed, and stop at the 10th star system it passes through.

Price: 85 keys.

Duration: 24 hours.

VI- League Comparisons

After getting your results in League, you can compare each other’s results in the League screen (on the left) which will give you your outcome, and your opponent’s outcome via clicking the “Opponent’s outcome” button in “Previous outcome”'s place. (this could be implemented for Galactic Cup, but it’s more sophisticated than League)

VII- Joke idea: Chicken²

This is a weapon, by using this, there will be a small chicken that will peck at an enemy, once the enemy dies, the tiny chicken will multiply, do it again, and so on.

Power 0: 250 damage per peck (max chickens 8)

Power 1-19: (damage increases by 10 and the limit of chickens will increase by 2 for every fp increase)

Max power (for muller, BX can be decided by iA): 2500 damage and 30 chickens.

10 minutes of reading for y’all, and 2 hours of writing for me, I hope it was worth it. I pray that these ideas will be good to some extent and make it to the known bugs and features list.

Check out my old and crap ideas here:

Decide the most developed idea(s)
  • Cyrogenic Ray
  • Tesla Bolt
  • The Illusionist
  • The Book of Miscellaneous Mysteries
  • Easier Shady Dealer Interaction
  • League Comparisons
  • Chicken Squared
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after the quality of most ideas have gone downhill this is actually a breath of fresh air


i’ve had these ideas for a month (some over 6) and I’m glad to see some feedback

try attracting some people to this topic so iA can see it


The shady dealer one catches my eye. That one is good.


That happened to me last month when I was trying to get a legendary M404, i am now sad


that’s way too bloody overpowered

is this an AoE or a single target thing?
if it’s an AoE, that’s too bloody overpowered for a satellite
does it also one shot bosses?
please provide more details

you may want to be more specific with the attacks and their frequencies, and how they will differ between difficulty levels

bestiaries have been suggested before, probably a couple times by now


of course it doesn’t

area of effect

i’ll try i guess

Duration for 140%: 12.5 seconds and 15% extra projectile and movement speed.

duration will decrease by 3 seconds for every 40% and 5% less speed

21 spirals for 140%

7 spirals for 0% (do the math for the other difficulties)

this won’t be affected

15% projectile and movement speed and 2.25x more bullets for 140%

5% projectile and movement speed and 1.1x more bullets for 0%

is the problem damage or something else? i think that’s what you’re alluding to.

you should also be acquainted that if something gets added iA would most likely tweak it and it won’t be the same as its original suggestion

damage values are now at the top for more availability to the demons that live here


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