Piggly Boss Interpretation

Y’all know how there’s a Piggly reference in CI2 (and technically CI1)? Why don’t we have a Piggly reference in CIU? Well this is an interpretation of it, but whatever.

This can of course be much simpler (you’ll see why) because this contains a story (kind of)


After exploring every wormhole and completing every Retro mission, a wormhole will appear at the center of the Universe, after going there you will receive an “Exploration reward: ???”, awarding you 100 keys, even with the cacophonous sounds, you still go. And by going there, it will telepôrt you to 999+999, where you will find her, “Piggly”. She asks you to follow her;

After perambulating (moving leisurely) for a while, you’ll suddenly find yourself trapped in a barrier cage with her. Luckily, you have a DPO, but it’s obsolete, then she says, sinisterly: “Any last words?”


1- The Impostor will spawn pink-skinned chickens that shoot homing eggs.

2- She will spawn 2 clones of herself, and you will be in the middle surrounded by them forming a triangle, and with slowing privileges, you will have a few seconds to get out before being rammed by them.

3- The clones will be back, but this time our antagonist will be slightly different than the clones (different eyes, a hat…) they will move around (you can’t kill them in such state) (like shuffuling cards or mixing up cups) then they will disappear, you have to shoot at the clones and leave the real one at mercy, matter of fact for every two seconds you waste chickens will come up from each side until you get rid of them and the chockens will disappear).

4- Imposterous Pigglyous will throw edible apple pies at you, but you die after two seconds of eating one.

5- Upon reaching 100%, the real Piggly will swiftly come and yeat the imposter (typo intended):

Upon being defeated, “she” will drop the infamous, notorious, extraterrestial orchestrally un-acquired-taste apple pie! (don’t eat it imbecile).

Points: 560K

Drop: 140 food units

You will return back to a cutscene, where Piggly will optimistically thank you for your competence, awarding you a thousand keys and a ship of your choosing, then a wormhole will open up taking you to a desired location, anywhere you want.

Please take this idea lightly, because yes. More ideas in the future (they’re already made, I made this idea it’s own topic because it’s too thicc)

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(TL;DR: The Henpire made a Piggly clone to steal the apple pie recipe, and you somehow stumbled onto her and stopped her.)


i think its best if they just roll around (across the screen) in zero gravity instead of mud
(quite like a difficulty)


the one with the hat is supposed to be the imposter

She took her hat back from him

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I hate the last picture

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