Delusional Ideas for Chicken Invaders Universe

No unique titles, sorry.

Bonjour everyone, welcome to the new Travis Scott concert! For the VIPs (aka everyone) you will be granted some ideas from yours truly, Travis Scott! (PlasmaX, which is less exciting)

I’ll stop playing around and I’ll go back to my endeavor:

1- Reworked Space Race Timer:

Once you play a Space Race, above your timer will be the time of the #1 player, and if you pass his timer (lose) and it’ll show the 2nd place’s timer, and so on.

2- Weapon Information:
(Inspired by Free Fire)

This basically shows what the weapon’s capabilities are, here’s an illustration:

These include: Spread, Rate-of Fire, Bullet Speed, Damage, Special (Boron, Vulcan, Absolver), Penetration (through bubbles, Absolver, Positron, Plasma), Chaining (Lightning).

3- Monochrome (Stereo Lisa):

This is a weapon, and works different than any other, it uses soundwaves and it pushes chickens (deals less damage than most weapons) and if a chicken pushed by it collides with another one, they both die.

Damage values (for muller)

0fp: 80fp and increase by 80 until 10fp (800)
Max: 1150

4- Status Effects:

No consultation.

5- Mystery Daily Challenge:

Functions just as any other Daily Challenge (20 waves, alternating difficulties) but with a twist. For every wave, you will get a random buff or debuff every wave (increased/decreased damage, bullet speed, rate of fire, heat, spread, speed, nausea (like the minecraft effect), screen vibration, darkness, environments, weapon change, reversed controls, etc…)

This could go into overdrive, by making it change difficulty and mission type every wave.

6- Microgun Upgrade:
(Inspired by X-Blades)

This incompetent weapon will have two upgrades:

1- Ultra Shot, requires charging for the same duration as an Absolver beam, and will send a bullet that does exceptionally more damage but uses 1/3 of it’s clip size/magazine.

2- Celestial Shot, This allows projectiles to home at enemies with 15% more damage and 10% magazine consumption.

7- Custom Ship Quip:

In the ship customization screen, you can find an option to add a custom quote for starting a mission, completing a stage, and finishing a mission (of course ToS are applied)

8- Bubble Satellite:

(Idea stolen from @AstralSpaceship)

Said satellite is a defense satellite, it will have a magazine of two, and upon shooting it, it will spawn 15 contemporary bubbles to block 3 projectiles for each bubble.


9- Light Chicken:

This is a unique type of chicken, after a wave begins, it will not spawn instantly, it will spawn a few seconds after the first few chickens show up and/or been killed, then it will spawn. Its quirk is that it will revive dead enemies (even barriers) with 10% more health.

The revived chickens will drop nothing and award no points (thanks michel)

Its health will be pretty high, as much as two chickenauts.

10- Dark Chicken:

After this chicken spawns, it will have three states:

1- Absorbing State: If you shoot a projectile at it in such state, it will convert the damage to HP for itself and reflect it back to you (for example if you shoot it with neutron that deals 1.1k damage it will receive an extra 1.1k health)

2- Normal/Attacking Mode: It will have a scythe, and the scythe will be thrown and acts like Hal from Angry Birds (or a boomerang)

3- Life Mode: It will do the exact opposite of the Light Chicken, it will kill some unsophisticated/incompetent enemies and take their souls, and the souls will follow you like Assassin Chicks.

Amount of souls: 7 at 140% (1 at 0%)

Health: 3 plain chicks at 140% (1 at 0%)

This chicken probably won’t spawn in 0% difficulty, but I’m illiterate.

11- Whenever you see somebody’s name on a leaderboard, make it possible to click on their name and go to their profile.

Hope you like these ideas, that’s all from me, more coming after rehab.

choose the idea number you want added
  • 1 (timer)
  • 2 (weapon capabilities)
  • 3 (monochrome)
  • 4 (status effects)
  • 5 (mystery daily challenge)
  • 6 (microgun upgrade)
  • 7 (custom quip)
  • 8 (bubble satellite)
  • 9 (light chicken)
  • 10 (dark chicken)
  • 11 (profile via leaderboard)
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Questionable usability.

If it’s not called “Stereo Lisa” the world is doomed.

I don’t think the game even checks the collision between enemies. Checking 10 chickens against 1 spaceship is 10 checks in the worst scenario, but checking 10 chickens against another 10 entities (9 chickens + spaceship) is around 65 checks if my maths doesn’t fail me. Scale this up and you’re going to have fun time trying to check the collisions between 10 players in a multiplayer party, all using Ion Blasters, against some Ultimate Extreme Square Dancing or something. And there’s also potential problems with waves like Tangled Mess where enemies are already inside each other.

Technically they are already a thing, with Claus’ & Chiller’s AoE and environmental hazards.

So basically there’s no reason not to use it?

Questionable usability. Though I do think that some kind of a quick chat wouldn’t hurt, with keys like <firepower>.

I’m pretty sure something like this has already been suggested but finding it is going to be a nightmare.

Exploit. And pain, if you let it be for some time.

Absolver Beam called. It wants its last bits of being useful back.

Finding a mission that has 0% difficulty is harder than finding one with 90%+.


I didn’t have a good enough name for it

There would be more, like invulnerability, dead, strength (amplifier), slowed (klaus)…

i was thinking of adding keybinds to change microgun modes

make the revived chickens drop and give nothing

absolver included

they’re also grouped up together, meaning they will all die with one shot

Spawn shield, death, amplifier and Klaus, all already implemented, so I don’t see how it’s more than before.

You didn’t understand my point. There is no reason to use any modes except for one because it’s superior. This is a problem.

Doesn’t change the “pain” part.

I know. That’s why it’s a problem.

…which is exactly the problem I was talking about. Currently only absolver beam has such issue but it’s compensated by being useless almost anywhere else.

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The mode is temporary, only for a few seconds.

I guess it could have a small proximity (?)

Since asteroids move so fast it could be obsolete there.

It can also not affect bubbles and the chickens inside of one

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