CIU version 146

this is the error when i buy the thread color i check turns out to be white

cre this pic: Zlaggamer5690

Turn off high contrast in the game settings.


Turning off high contrast and theme colors also gives an error

The explosion color of Henlley’s Comet in the summer edition is not yet depending on hot and frozen environments like the small comet enemy.

Theme GUI color appears white on newly purchased color theme(s)

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Now CIU Boss music 01 has been copyright complaint after 3/8/2020 Francesco D’Andrea posted “The Grand Night March” song. This soundtrack is same.

Test CIU Boss Music 01 in 2024

I know that Dr. Beaker and CIU Boss Music 01 released from 2022.

Does this mean that CIU Boss Music 1 is going to be changed?

If so then maybe this would be a good time to use ‘‘Predator Chicken’’ as its replacement?

You mean the secret, purchasable CIU music track?

Somehow, I don’t think Predator would fit completely as a boss track. It feels like more of a regular track.


you slightly spoiled it

banned for treason

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I mean, I have it as my phone ringtone and when you hear it constantly, you can gauge the vibe of it. The only problem IA has with Predator is someone publishing it, as it’s meant to be limited to the official soundtrack. Only my brothers would know what this music is, no one else would blink an eye.

I mean, technically

The future is now and we haven’t seen the “then” yet.


So me and @thatchickeneater and @PlasmaX found a little visual bug
One of the infinity chicken’s projectiles is red (it becomes orange again after less than a second)

Here is the images

Yam’s screenshot

2 images from me (one from PC “steam version” and the other on phone)

Plasma X’s screenshot (look inside the red circle)


This bug originates from “Chicken Multiplicity”, and we haven’t tested the not really-ubiquitous “Twice Infinity” wave.

Unsurprisingly, the same thing happens to the ‘Twice Infinity’ boss too.


They don’t

Known, allowed.

If this squadron does not belong to Lowee, and Lowee complains, then I will reset it.

Fixed in v.147 :medal_sports: Bug

Fixed in v.147 :medal_sports: Bug

Fixed in v.147 :medal_sports: Bug


@InterAction_studios don’t you have something to say about this?

@InterAction_studios Can you share the medal? The image belong to : Zlaggamer5690

Wait a minute.
Did Zlaggamer allow you to use his/her picture?

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A reminder for @InterAction_studios to check these posts: