CIU version 137


A lot of internal changes in this update, but also a couple of player-facing ones.

PC only (not smartphones): You might notice that the download size is significantly larger than normal. This is because starting with this version, all seasonal content (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving) is bundled in. There is a button labelled “Seasonal Content” in the Options menu that will allow you to switch between seasonal editions on the fly. “Automatic” means that the game will use the current date to decide which seasonal edition to use (if any). Other buttons force a particular seasonal edition at all times. Note that, due to a technical restriction, this setting is reset every time the game is updated.

Also, some minor changes to the Accumulator, so watch out for them if you’re using it.

Bug/Idea medals will be awarded later in the day. Note that your medal cannot be awarded if your in-game callsign doesn’t match your forum name (put it in your forum profile where it says “name” so I can find it).


You will lose:

  • any mid-mission progress
  • your language selection
  • your seasonal content setting


:new: New features – :bulb: Tweaks – :bug: Bug fixes – :gear: Internal changes

  • :gear: Deleted users who haven’t logged in during the past week and have less than 10 minutes of playtime, and also users who haven’t logged in during the past 4 weeks and have less than an hour of playtime, and also users who haven’t logged in during the last 12 months and haven’t set an e-mail. Note that users with any purchase are never deleted.

  • :bug: Fixed more instances where ‘western’ 0-9 numerals appeared instead of Arabic ones (@Bandicoot)

  • :bulb: Accumulator: Made changes according to 📊 Weapon data spreadsheet - #244 by OneWingLunarian (@OneWingLunarian :medal_sports: Idea)

  • :bug: CreateSwapChain() DXGI_SWAP_EFFECT_FLIP_DISCARD is now correctly applied to Windows 10+ running under Wine (bug introduced when Wine detection was added in v.134)

  • :bug: “Report player” tab: Fixed crash when reporting the same player twice.

  • :bulb: Thundercluck: Guitar now awards points gradually as it’s being damaged (@TPoserGaming :medal_sports: Idea)

  • :bug: Multiplayer: Fixed host player not becoming grayscale if they became a zombie (ghost) on any wave (except the first) and then dis-/re-connected during that same wave. (@hoangmc2048 :medal_sports: Bug)

  • :gear: Fixed WAD and context manager memory leaks (only relevant if UVE was restarted, e.g. language change)

  • :gear: Context manager now also deletes all children upon destruction.

  • :gear: Seasonal WADs now only contain overridden resources, and seasonal edition can be dynamically changed without recompilation (without #ifdefs).

  • :gear: Special Forces boss: More accurate Xmas/Halloween edition theming.

  • :gear: Superchick boss: More accurate Easter edition theming.

  • :bulb: “Three by Three” wave: Increased despawning delay to give sufficient time for Slobs to completely disappear (@kAPET)

  • :bug: Compare screen: Absolute/Per Hour lists now scroll to the top when switching from Fleets (@Anatolia :medal_sports: Bug)

  • :bug: “Chiller chimes” sound effect for Chiller no-heat zone is now correctly marked as “looping”.

  • :bug: Multiplayer: UCO boss: Engine sound can now be heard by mid-wave joining players.

  • :bug: Multiplayer: Iron Chef boss: Engine sound can now be heard by mid-wave joining players.

  • :bug: Multiplayer: Electric fence sound can now be heard by mid-wave joining players who join while fence is ‘on’.

  • :bug: Reworked spawn algorithm for new players to make them more evenly spread out in the galaxy (@darkordersol :medal_sports: Bug)

  • :bug: Grand Prix wave: Prevented Berserker from spawning (aggravated Berserkers would otherwise disappear abruptly) (@EdgardCIfan97 :medal_sports: Bug)

  • :bulb: All-Time Best screen: Widened callsign/score columns.

  • :gear: iOS/Android: Native font glyphs now also have “faux emboss” effect applied.

  • :gear: Fonts: “Faux emboss” effect is now applied relative to font baseline (was previously relative to glyph bounding box).

  • :gear: iOS: App receipts without any valid latest_receipt_info will no longer cause user to be kicked out of server (nevertheless, purchase won’t proceed either).

  • :bug: Pilot (military) chickens now show gold coin on chest when they carry it (@thai2910 :medal_sports: Bug)

  • :bug: Fixed reward message for Galactic Cup winner (@OfficalK12 :medal_sports: Bug)

  • :gear: Fixed race condition while uploading log to server (during which time, new log lines could be lost).

  • :gear: Changed versioning format to major.minor.patch

  • :gear: File manager: Reworked WAD handling.


  • :bug: Halloween: Overall galaxy nebula is now colorized correctly according to season (@PlasmaX :medal_sports: Bug)

  • :bug: “It’s Party Time” boss: More accurate Christmas theming (@Sihok-Adssres :medal_sports: Bug)

  • :bulb: “Magnetic Manipulator” boss: Applied Christmas theming (@Sihok-Adssres :medal_sports: Idea)

  • :bug: Thanksgiving: Separated out turkey boss and chicken boss sound effects (@Knightcap :medal_sports: Bug)

  • :bulb: Superchick boss: Added “chicken boss cry” sound effect upon appearance.

  • :bulb: Seasonal content: Added a lot of season-dependent sound effects (@Pidgey :medal_sports: Idea)

  • :bulb: Easter: Added coloured eggs (@moon2004 :medal_sports: Idea)


  • :bug: Thanksgiving: Fixed crash (missing sound effect for damaging Alien Container) (@Knightcap :medal_sports: Bug)


  • :gear: Loader is now prevented from loading any resources while UVE is frozen.

  • :bug: Superchick boss: Lowered frequency of “chicken boss cry” sound effect. (@OrvilleTheOrca :medal_sports: Bug)


The most festive update so far.


it’s holiday time


its multi-holidays time


Phone player: crying


Don’t these chick turn Into gingerbread when Is christmas? I found only Berserker turned Into gingerbread

That happened in the episodes, not in CIU. There are 3 variations (4 if you count the Assassins) of chicks in CIU, which makes it harder to reskin.



After I choose the fonts on my themes,there’s are letters of Arabic are not applied into the game.

This is what I choose it this font:

Look at this compare the font.

(in-phone System)

(in-game Android)

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why those cuts? also in urdu

just curious, i got these black line in the background sometimes
and yes, it’s gone when you restart

Especially if I’m Mobile main, meanwhile i still have laptop xd

I’m not even sure if the game will be affected by these changes to fonts, but you would definitely need to force-terminate the game and restart it after changing. Did you do that?

This is a long-standing problem (since 2006). It affects all versions (PC too). I’m still not 100% what’s causing it (some sort of numerical imprecision).


I did 2-3 times restart the game and it does not changing yet

Nice, finally we have gotten the events

P.s finally fixed my name so you can send the bug badge @InterAction_studios

The game is requesting the “default bold” font from the Android OS. I don’t specify anything more than that.

I was under the impression that the Android default font could not be changed. How/where are you changing it?

Already awarded for v.137. Are you expecting a 2nd medal?


UCOIC 5 when? Plants vs. Zombies 2 Chinese x Subway Surfers Collab Official Soundtrack! (In-Game) - YouTube

Not that, i didn’t even get it the first time cuz my name was set wrong

Give me a bit to go home and update and i will give you a screenshot of my badges

For devices Huawei and Honor has Android 9 or 10:

Settings->brightness and display->fonts.

As you can see the main fonts.

Send me a link to the forum post that contains your medal.

I don’t have this option. In any case, if this font selection doesn’t propagate to the game automatically, then there’s not much I can do :man_shrugging: