CIU contribution medals (implemented ideas ONLY)

Yeah, I also didn’t. I even started writing all my ideas in order of easiest to make.

I need to update my list of ideas liked by InterAction.

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I don’t know if you guys has already planned this since the very beginning but Space Race is very similar to one of the idea I made here:

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Well,IA seems to be fine with Binh posting ideas that didn’t make it yet,so perhaps it is okay for us to do it. Reverted my deleted message to what it was now

No. BinhTurtle’s medal refers to the Space Race, which has already been implemented.

Only existing ideas that have already been implemented, please. If you have a new idea, create a new thread (or bump its thread, if you’ve already suggested it previously).

Oh,my bad,I didn’t notice it right away

I don’t know if the firſt one here actuälly counts, but it ſeems to have been implemented:

And then, of courſe, there’s the medal:

EDIT: Oh, my callſign is Traveller.

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The mission completion mark could be part of my idea here:

But perhaps it was based of something else.

I also brought up the issue with sun ray sides at Environment visual break/no-likey, although I don’t know how major that was, and if rather I should get a bug or a idea medal (if at all).

EDIT: This one is a bug, didn't see the other topic yet.

And does this bug count? Wierd bug - #6 by Davoid

Sorry if I’m a bit stretching it :S
If you do decide to reward me with a medal my account is called Davoid, like my forum name.

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Oops, wrong place.

Alright, since a couple of my medal ideas are in game, i think I’m able to get the “Great Minds Think Alike” medal. Here’s my ideas.

nickname in game: matix524

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Hide Player locations, though the original post isn’t mine

Exact numbers for various data

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I think this one similar to what you have done:

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It was mine, but I don’t think that it’s been implemented.

But it has?

Has it?

My mistake. When I saw “Hide Player locations”,I just assumed that the post was about the option to disable players’ asterisks(for the whole map,I mean)

Oh, I forgot:

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The electric fence invincibility bug:

Boss rush mission custom music bug:

The two above as far as a remembered, and having a response on IA. I had the same callsign in-game.

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As far as I know this is my only implemented idea

Collasign: Stardrone


My in-game callsign RoboCat

Additional Information (My coordinate and my ship)


Apple Core

disputable (probably NO):


My callsign is Berker95

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