What should the mission look like on the planets "Frozen wasteland"

First Idea:

Second Idea:


I’m split between both

I imagine it would look more like the effect on Eta Astropelecae, with the wind sound.


Much better on the eyes!

My current plan is closest to @RoboCat 's first image. Ice will start fogging the screen (starting from the border and slowly working its way to the center) and obscuring your vision. As soon as you move your spacecraft on the screen, your engines will “melt” the ice and restore visibility to that part of the screen.

So you’ll need to keep moving and cover all screen real-estate if you want a clear view.

But falling snow and blizzard also looks nice… perhaps they can be used as well.


QUESTION: will we also have to get a frost shield to be on frozen wastelands?

But then,it wouldn’t make sense for the environment to have effect on you.(I mean,if you buy the shield,then your ship should technically be already immune to it,lol)


How does a frozen wasteland look like in the galaxy exploration map?

White outline