Badge for unpreparedneſs

I think there ſhould be a medal for flyïng a miſſion without any of your miſſion ſlots (is that what they’re called?) filled. As far as names go, I have a few ideas, ſo I’ll juſt create a poll with numerous permutations; pick you favourite (or more than one), and at the bottom ſelect the preface of “honorary” or “diſtinguiſhed”.

  • medal of extreme confidence
  • medal of overconfidence
  • overconfidence croſs
  • medal of under-preparedneſs
  • medal of unpreparedneſs
  • medal of extreme bravery
  • UHF croſs of extreme bravery
  • UHF croſs of unreaſonable bravery
  • medal of unreaſonable bravery
  • title prefaced with “diſtinguiſhed”
  • title prefaced with “honorary”

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You know… you could have made an exception to your letters this once


Yeah, I’m getting tired of reading this mess. I wouldn’t mind it if it was coding problems, but I asked him about it and he answered that he’s doing it on a purpose. Stop trying to be so extra.