[New item] Locator

We know that you can see only ships near you. With this item you could make your own channel with other person. For example, you bought it. Now in profile tab there is a picture of radar. Every player has his own locator ID, like #01E64A5UR. If someone want to see you, he needs to put your ID in his radar search field. After that, owner of other radar will see request from other locator, but you can’t accept or decline. You need to put second locator’s ID in your one to connect it.


1st person
Locator ID: #U915IO057
Target: #U9L814BCM

2nd person
Locator ID: #U9L814BCM
Target: #U915IO057

After successful connect you can see each other even if you far away. Radar is upgradeable. Upgrade allows you to use more than one target (Up to 4) and increases work distance. Marks (*) of located players change to light blue.


Or they could just add a friend feature where you can see eachother?

I would like to have button that shows EVERY spaceship in galaxy view. Plus a button that hides not only player names, but these green stars.

I don’t think the servers could handle that.

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