Environment visual break/no-likey

So. I just started on a star mission. I reached a wave where the ship turn the other way (Centipede) and the visual star light suddenly switched from the top to the bottom. Same thing happend when going back. It just kinda looks wierd how it is, but it may be intentional?


In my opinion it should come from all 4 sides… This make youre “enclosed” and not “in front of it”.

But then you are inside the sun? :thinking: I think one way rays fit better, but some kind of heat everywhere thing could work

It’s intentional (the light is always coming against you). The alternative would be for light to always come from the top of the screen, regardless of the direction of your spaceship.

Light from all 4 directions would probably be too much – you’re supposed to be fighting very near to the sun’s surface, not inside it.

I think this would be better.

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Well right now the light just instantly disappears from one place and appears at another.
Having a smooth transition or having the light fade in and fade out would look better.
Either that or the effect could be locked to match the player’s rotation.

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If hot planets have lighting effects? Will the suns have effects also?

They both have the same one

Though it doesn’t match the star’s color. Which it probably should.


It should have a smooth transition, probably a bug. Also, will change sun color to match nearest sun.


Can you made the white stars to have white light in the next update?

Technically these are just very very very light blue.
So I assume that the lighting effect for these stars will be a very very very light blue.

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