About "Do Not Cross" Mission

Imo the metal egg that connects enemies with plasma is so low on hitpoints. I can easily destroy it at the very beginning of the wave and then the wave loses it’s personality and becomes extremely easy to beat. It would be nice if IA gives it more hitpoint just like the barriers in “Chicken Vending Machine” or “The Weakest Link” missions


You will be surprised that there are a lot of people who don’t destroy it because they are afraid


buffing their hitpoints isn’t a good idea since their participations in hard-leveled Chicken Roulette really is a pain, also destroying the egg is pretty tricky so even if it’s weak it’s still not easy to destroy though

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You can do it in ſome waves but not others; IA’s done it before.
EDIT: For clarity, “it” refers to ſtrengthening the barriers.

If it easy, try to kill the metal egg fast with the ion blaster. Good luck :wink:

I tend to prefer lightning fryër on 3 firepower- it’s ſo powerful that deſtroying the metal thing takes under 5 minutes!*

*not counting overheat time

Sorry for not being clear. What I actually meant was increasing metal eggs hitpoints only in “Do Not Cross” waves without affecting the other ones

I like to destroy the metal egg fast enought as it has a chance of spawning an atomic power-up.But it is extremely tricky

It’s very easy to destroy the metal egg, I’ve never had problems with that even on SSH.

You’re right, that metal egg barrier is not really meant to be destroyed. Next update will increase barrier health x10.

EDIT: This change will only affect this particular wave (and not all metal egg barriers).



Wow my flags from yesterday actually works!

That’s kind of unexpected. I think we only need to increase the health of barrier in that wave only since breaking barrier while surrounded by 5 chick gatling gun in Chicken Roulette wave

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It’s only going to affect that wave…


Alright, I just checked the upcoming feature list