Simple idea: Progress of exploration



Usefully :+1::+1:

They should also show/mark the planets with unfinished missions, like the explored option.

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Nice one. Implemented in v.15 . Will also try to include in the “Compare” stats (no promises, it’s not as straightforward as it sounds).

@cristian14292: Good idea, but very difficult to do the way the game is currently engineered. Will think about it.


@cook1ee come here, @RoboCat took over your record. :slight_smile:

Speaking of progress.
Have you seen this: Progress meter improvement and missed enemies counter HUD item? It should be quick to implement and I think that it would be helpful.


Could we have win:loſs ratio in the ſtats? Alſo, it’d be nice to be able to ſee per miſſion ſtats, like we can currently view per hour.

I like the idea but is this going to extend to the number of shops such as heroware store and space burgers found in the universe?

@Traveller Yes. As for per-mission… how would that be more informative than per-hour? Some missions are huge, some are tiny.

@Space_Invaders Yes.


Well, I came up with that idea waaay too early in the morning after inſufficient ſleep. Leſſon learnt.
Anyway, what I think I was getting at was that it’d be nice to have ſtats for a number of waves, perhaps ten(?).

Alſo, I’d like to ſee ſtats for average miſſion length and difficulty, and maybe time taken per wave.