🐔 Chicken Invaders 1 Remastered #01

I have recently made the decision to remaster Chicken Invaders 1. There are several reasons behind this:

  • I regularly get requests from fans to do so via e-mail, so I guess there is at least some demand.

  • It would be nice and consistent (and OCD-friendly) to have all 5 episodes in a modern format.

  • Even at the time of its release, there have always been some technical issues with the original game that I was not happy with (e.g., crashing when Alt-Tabbing away).

  • I recently tried running it, and it is indeed slow enough to be unplayable under modern versions of Windows (I expected it would be slow, but I never realized it would be that slow).

  • CIU development has taken its toll on me, especially during the last few months (years?), and I would rather take a break by tackling an easier project. Well, maybe not easier per se, at least it’s something with a clearly-defined goal, what needs to be done is relatively straightforward, and the path can be planned out and completed within a few days. All of which is more than I can say for CIU.

I also plan to chronicle the process here in this topic as a series of bite-sized posts. It will help to provide some insight on the considerations, the limitations, the trade-offs of such a remaster, and ultimately provide some deeper insight behind some choices and why there were made in a particular way.

I expect this to take about a week of full-time work. Truth be told, I’m already at the half-way point, however I think it’s worth pretending no work has been done at all, and presenting things in logical chronological order (while it’s still fresh in my memory). Hopefully it will prove interesting to some aspiring young developers, or at least provide some entertainment value to the rest. I certainly know I’d enjoy reading something like this 24 years ago.

Table of contents


Change of plan(*): Replies are now open. Instead of creating a series of consecutive posts in the same topic, I’m going to create separate topics, and at the end create one topic as a “table of contents”.

(*) This won’t be the last time you’ll hear this during this series.


Isn’t it supposed to be there Easter egg in ciu to make sure all players ciu know ci1 remastered this the First game successful for you


Is the remaster going to be on Steam?

Is there will be a in-purchase game or free?

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(Just asking, take your time)

Played every CI game except CI1. Can’t wait to try someday.

"A remaster is basically the same game but updated and designed to run better on a modern system " - Totally not me (and kinda off-topic)
Since the original game was free, i can imagine this is going to be free as well, but only IA can tell \ __ ") __ /


Well probably,CI2 is a available on steam and purchase it,either:

Because CI2 was sold for €19.95 originally? (Now it’s $3.99 on Steam)

Will this picture or a menu art im guessing get a repurposed and adjust it to modern art style you guys have?

Here, I upscaled it for you (unless Discourse compresses it too much)


Unknown at this stage. Remastered or not, it’s a very simple and old game, and I don’t want players’ first contact with the franchise to be this particular episode, because it will give the wrong impressions.


CI1 for Android? Never.

I don’t plan to use it, no.

That’s pretty cool. This particular screen won’t make the remaster, but the upscaling algorithm is very good.


It is in many cases. Doesn’t work on everything, but is fun to play with (needs a Vulkan compatible GPU and I didn’t test it on Windows):

Yea, maybe put on the notifications tab that ci1 remastered is now a thing

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Hello :slight_smile: I wish this remastered update will use the engine from Chicken Invaders 2 remaster

Also, aside from high score tables and chicken invaders 2 ending, maybe a glimpse of Revenge, Ultimate, Cluck and Universe there too

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It will use the engine from CIU



For some reason, this reminds me of that time I wanted to see the CI1/2 death squawk sound added to the CI3/4/5 games.

That aside, a very welcome surprise.

hope IA will Develop Chicken Invaders Series game and try harder