Post your spacecraft!


Hello, I wanted to make a topic about showing off your spacecraft!

This is mine, it’s named H&C 101 “Henterprise”, I know it’s unoriginal, but I like it.

What’s yours called and what does it look like?


Well… Mine is called just like my nick on this forum (because I thought that we name our hero not spaceship) and it looks like… it’s in same colours as my profile picture here. You can find me in the best constellation in the CI Universe - Acrisius.


This is my main spaceship.
I also frequently use the starting H&C 101 which has the same color scheme.



I change the engine type every now and then, but for the most part this is what I use.


That looks really nice, it’s adorable!


my%20spacecraft here is my spacecraft


RISAF “Pegasus”, based on “Пегас” from old Kir Bulychev’s book based movie

"Пегас" itself


It is is smiling, so cute ^-^


My spacecraft is the first one you get…Named it Z-47 …At least it doesn’t do pizza deliveries.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hey, I STARTED with the Deliverer when I joined this academy.
And I haven’t stopped adding parts to it.




Wanted to show them before,but I forgot. Oops!
CIU%202019-01-07%2020-38-17-625%20-%20Copy CIU%202019-01-07%2020-38-23-377%20-%20Copy
Here are both of my spaceships. Both of their names are the same as the one I have here.




Little bit of an update here.
I decided to take advantage of the current cheating policy and used Cheat Engine to make myself a new paintjob (notice the black outer engine and specular reflection).



Didn’t know you could do something like THAT.


Wait, cheat engine? What cheat engine?


@BCMediaPlayer Cheat engine is the program that allows you to change values. So you can choose anything you want.


Can someone post a picture on how each of the engine thrusters look? So I know which one to buy.


In order from the least to most expensive:

Electrostatic Ion Thruster (the one you start with)

Pulsed-Inductive Thruster

Magnetospheric Plasma Thruster

Hall-Effect Thruster