Post your Spacecraft - Continued!

A QUICK NOTE: This is merely a continuation of the original “Post your Spacecraft!” topic (linked here: Original Topic). I made this one because the original got closed down due to inactivity, credit goes to @Karizaki for creating the original topic.

Yeah, as it says on the top, this is an unofficial continuation of the spacecraft topic (linked above), since it got closed down.

With that out of the way, here you can share your spacecraft (or spacecrafts if you’re like me and have more than one) design. Does it have a name? What does it look like? Don’t fear in showing us!


  • If you have posted your spaceship paintjob in the previous topic (or an earlier version of it, or a spaceship that you don’t own anymore), feel free to repost it here.
  • If you named your spaceship, don’t fear in sharing its name!
  • It’s not necessary to share long, detailed descriptions of your spacecraft (like I did), keeping it short is the most recommendable.
  • In case if you want to specify your spaceship type (101 Hatchling, 201 Pullet, 301 Cockerel, M400 Caterer, M404-PI Deliverer, M408 Cuisinier), again, feel free to.
  • Not concerned whenever CI5 spaceships are also allowed

So, I’ll start. But before showing my current spaceships, why don’t I show you the first four designs I used?

Spaceship themissingone omega omegav2

Left to right in order (NOTE: The second one is a recreation)

It’s pretty likely you have seen either of these in the past, these are all designs I have used for my spaceship (had the same one through all of these, the 101 Hatchling). The first two I didn’t really name, but the third and fourth I called “Omega” (see if you get the reference!). Yes, it has also seen some redesigns, the second having less dense paint and a different exhaust, and the third, well, you’ll see!

Now for the current three!

Again, it’s pretty likely you have seen either of these, either through seeing me in space, or comparing with me, but I want to properly introduce these guys. From top to bottom:

  1. Omega Ship: This is the current version of the Omega paintjob design I used to have, comparing it with the previous two, this one bases itself off the second one, but the cockpit color and the exhaust have been changed. Still, it’s the 101 Hatchling, I am NEVER getting rid of it.
  2. World Savior: Second spaceship, and one I’ve been wanting to get for quite a while. Yes, It’s an M404-PI Deliverer, skinned mostly to be a replica of the default paintjob from Chicken Invaders 5. Out of all three, this was the easiest, asides from the exhaust which took me some time.
  3. Sweet Mayhem: What can I say? It’s a reference to something (see if you can get it), but it was also a pretty interesting one to make. It’s a 301 Cockerel, my first dual engine ship.

My spaceship is roughly the same as it was before, but with a single rocket engine instead of two regular ones.

I have five more spaceships (reskinned M408, regular M400, reskinned H&C 101 and 301 and regular H&C 201)


For reaſons that I don’t fully comprehend, one ſcreenſhot is a jpg and the other is a png.
Anyway, theſe are my three ſhips. Marianne is an M408 and the other two are H&C  101s; the ruſty old hulk was my firſt ſhip.


My H&C 301 I sold my first one,times are tuff fellas. Multiple Spacecraft maybe later.


I dont want to go off topic. But even in your nicknames you use f neither of normal s. I didnt expected that…


Although the ſt ligature ſadly looks like ft in that font.




One of my H&C series is exactly the same as yours :confused:

It’s now changed

2019-04-05 I want to make the CI3 ship, but I have to buy the Müller M404-PI Deliverer.
Edit: When I have the M404 i will call it “fighter”.


Why not to buy M400? I thought they are same.

Because 404 has one flame. And why everyone calls M400 the M402?

There’s M400 and M408, but no M402. Ohh Just look the screenshot:

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I remember it was M402. Sorry.

M404-Pl has one flame, M408 has two, what about M400?

He have one flame too.



Simple but yet powerful