Post your spacecraft!


Mine is Gumball edition
Name: GUM-Defender
I have no picture cause I donno how to pic it on laptop


Wait how you get these key anyway using Cheat Engine(I tried to use it but I donno how to use)


Known bugs & new features:

So this method will be mostly obsoleted by the next update, but if you really want to try it out:

This video should have all the information you need.

After you find the right address (or addresses if you want to change more than one thing) and add it to the addresslist, right-click on it and select “show as hexadecimal” to make it readable.
The first two digits represent Alpha while the rest represent RGB.


I didn’t find transparency, but I did white outer flame. Thank you for hexadecimal note.


Well the value should be represented by an 8-digit hex code with the first two digits controlling transparency.
So FFFFFFFF would be pure white, while 80FFFFFF would be pure white with a transparency value of 128.
And, of course, if the first digits are set to 00 then the engine is invisible.

If that’s what you did then I have no idea what went wrong.


Oh, you mean THIS 2 first :sweat_smile:. In that case everything is OK, thanks!


I think I will made an “exe” with the power to change color of everything during CE training. Maybe it will be useful for someone, idk


If you’re talking about creating a cheat table, then I’d say it’s probably not worth the effort.

  1. Using it after the game is officially released will get you banned.
  2. Pointer scanning can be an extremely tedious process. Otherwise I would’ve made a table already.
    There’s also a chance that the base addresses will change between updates, so you might have to repeat the same process after every new update.


I tried to do this with CI5, works perfect. Today will try this, early access anyway :slight_smile:


Does it’s work?


No, it is harder to find pointers here than in CI5


how do you screencap


M-404 PI Academy Fighter, Unit #35 (UPDATED EXHAUST FLAME)


It has no name, yet.


I might as well post mine.


This is mine, notice the Laser Scope attached (and that I’m still using the default spaceship)


Don’t really have a name for it

Hello CIU!

RISAF “Pegasus” reworked


Uh, cadet? Your ship’s on fire.



Uh let’s say Stealth-C123N5


Don’t worry, It is just SSH + hard waves. My butt on fire.