A collection of ideas that I'd love to see in-game

Massive disclaimer here, these ideas ARE NOT MADE BY ME. They are made by different individuals. If these ideas are ever implemented into CIU, the idea medals belongs solely to them, not me, the only role I have played here is to bring some attention that I think that they deserve. Unless you think my modifications are significant enough to warrant an idea medal, I suggest giving it to the OP’s.

1. Hex color picker

This idea has been resuggested SO MANY TIMES, but well, at least for me, I think it’s worth adding into the game, since there are certain color ranges which have very few options, and replicating them with the current picker is rather tedious. Although @kokokokos was the first one to come with a hex code of sorts AFAIK, I do think other users have come up with more simple and easy to understand interpretations.

There are two competing variations of this idea, one is a hexadecimal code, which is simpler to copy and paste but is harder to understand, the second one is decimal values for the three basic colors (Red, Green and Blue).

2. Lv4 barriers or attack barriers.

While it’s true that there’s been a ridiculous number of suggestions to buff certain bosses and such, I do think that waves like Barriers to Success, Heavy Metal and Pedal to the Metal are pretty underwhelming. and for the former two, even when adding minibosses, they don’t get much harder. That’s why it would be pretty swell for these waves to have a chance to have an attack barrier in them. The specific number for the chance for a barrier to spawn in as an attack barrier is something that is frankly beyond my ability, but it is important to state that they should not outnumber the number of regular barriers, the ones which don’t attack.

Heavy Metal needs the most use out of them since the only two enemies are chick gatling guns, or chick laser guns, both of them being easy to avoid despite the buff in the number of firing volleys. The barrier wall in Barriers to success might need to have more distance from the bottom border of the screen to give the players more time to react in response to the attack barriers. Pedal to the Medal might need a similar method to compensate for the increase in difficulty and since there are 16 enemies in total in this wave, I might suggest reducing the chances for the barrier to spawn as an attack barrier in this wave specifically, if the engine allows to.

3. Spaceship Glow

It might not have the best presentation but it’s still a relatively non-intrusive idea gameplaywise. And sure, adding strobe lights can give the spacecraft a glow of sorts, but it’s quite different from what OP was suggesting. It could help dark colored spacecraft from the space background and generally, I think it, if implemented correctly, it would look cool.

4. Wingstreak Thickness

VEHICLE CUSTOMIZATION IDEA: Wingstreak Thickness Despite maximum wingstreak opacity and length, I would still appreciate it if the wingstreak could also become thicker and thus more promiment.

5. Custom Quips

Even though the translation feature didn’t actually make it any easier to add custom quips

I still think that it would be a cool addition to the game, a customizable rate of appearance for quips would also help us shape our character. While there might be issues regarding offensive or swear content, etc, it’s still an idea to be worth looking at.

As I stated before, if these ideas are added into the game, the medals belong to the OP user. The purpose of this post was to promote some ideas that I think are worth of recognition.

As always, May the Forks be with you all!



I agree with all but the 3rd and 4th

I’m pretty indifferent to number 2, but the rest are all things I’d gladly see.

I wonder if we should make a topic/category just for “idea lists” because at this stage there is plenty suggested but not enough community distinction between “fun ideas” and “ideas that people really really would enjoy”. Food for thought.

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That’s MUCH better than last time!


because its made by paint.net plugin lol


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