🌎 Official translators wanted

Ever since translations were introduced in CIU, there have been sporadic complaints about the low translation quality (or translation inconsistency) of certain languages.

In attempt to improve the quality of translations, I am introducing the concept of official translators for each language. Official translators are similar to regular translators, but they are additionally responsible for overseeing the quality and consistency of their assigned language. They will also have final say about how each phrase gets translated ‘officially’. Official translators will receive more prominent credit. If the circumstances require it, there can be more than one official translator per language.

Nothing will change about how the existing translation system works (see 🌎 How to translate the game ). Everyone can still contribute translations, and will be credited appropriately.

Selection criteria:

  • You can apply to become an official translator only for your first (native) language.

  • You must have some previous publicly-visible translation experience, or have already professionally/formally worked on some other translation.

  • You must be at least 15 years old to become an official translator.

  • You cannot become an official translator for a language that you have not significantly contributed to already.

  • You cannot become an official translator for a language that is only partially translated. First translate it fully, then you can apply.

If you fulfill all of these criteria and you’d like to become an official translator, post below. Be sure to mention your language, your callsign, your previous translation experience, and also anything else that you feel is relevant to your selection as an official translator.

Posts that are not actual applications will be deleted. For discussion and questions about official translators, please post here instead: 🌎 How to translate the game

Current list of official translators:

Language Official Translator
Vietnamese @ordinary_ryxt
Russian @VerMishelb
Persian @ans1382
French @LAbare
Polish @Piotrek1113 @matix524
Spanish @4-FX
Italian @Madder
Ukrainian @Blokador
Serbian @Viola
Romanian @Cristivai
Hungarian @KnockoffFeline
Korean @ykhking98

Language: Vietnamese
Callsign: …from CS:GO™
Experience: Improve other translation that didnt match its meaning, also i want to help it reach 100% translation of my mother tongue. Also i have started translate this game before v100
age: 18 (have to edit cause i forgot)


callsign: ordinary ryxt

language: vietnamese.

i am over 15.

i have 3+ years of experience in proofreading and translating from english to vietnamese for several apps and documents, and have an ielts certificate with a score of 7.0 so the quality of my work will be decent and i aim to make it as closest to being flawless as possible, without mistranslating or missing references.

contributions to ciu:

  • translated the game to vi since day 1, including ci4u and ci5u, with ci3u on the list.

  • proofread the translations and made changes to improve upon them.

  • added additional latin glyphs along with @VerMishelb to make teko support vietnamese.


Language: Vietnamese
Callsign: Grand Theft Auto™
Experience: I have contributed in CIU Vietnamese translation so many times ( still not in credit) but I drop some advice for idiom and some other things for translator can improve their translation with my IELTS 6.0 ( I’m trying not to show you this but that’s fine), I hope I can be the official Translator.
Age: 19


Callsign: VerMishelb 🎃
Language: Russian
Age: 20
Previous translation experience:
Captions for this, if this counts (it used to be public but it became outdated so quickly after new discoveries that he had to change it to link access)

Patapon 2 unofficial translation, both the technical and the language part. It’s still not finished due to technical constraints and never-ending exams, but there is something:


In CIU I’ve translated a pretty big chunk of the game together with @LordSuteo and others (primarily the technical stuff, store names and descriptions, anything related to the UI), translated half of CI5U, CI4U and CI3U almost entirely by myself. Aside from that I reported a text lines crossing in CI5 translation and, together with @ordinary_ryxt who worked on extended Latin, backported Cyrillic to the Teko font.


Language: Arabic

Callsign: Bandicoot™

Experience:re-editing, improving and changing translations Arabic correctly and yes I have much skills of translate arabic for CIU 100% literally.
And the evidence is re-edit digits English to Arabic.

Old: 21 over


Callsign: :amphora:Aquarius OVA :aquarius:

Language: Vietnamese

Experience: 2 years of translating essays and re-editing the translation to becomes more natural to not feeling like just look at the booklets and copy it out. I also have an ability to “emulate” the situations of speaker, both “text only” and “in an actual situations, or films”. With this, I hope I can bring the natural speech to the game in my mother tongue, with a great accuracy.

Contributions to CIU: Once welcomed to the community, I had translated/re-edited some CI5U phrases and translated the first half of CI4U during BETA (with @HuyTheKiller doing the rest), for now I’m taking a look at CI4U official translation and making it better. I also changed some server messages to be more understandable.

Age: 19


Language: Farsi/Persian
Callsign: ans1382
Experience: Language translator with more than 10 years of experience. Has various degrees in translation and language teaching. 100% CIU translation. Complete preparation for individual Farsi translation. one of the first users of CIU (almost 5 years).

Age: 21

Note: This language doesn’t need another official translator.


Language: French

Callsign: LAbare

Age: 27

Previous translation experience: CI5, freelance translator since 2019 (ProZ profile), ongoing translation of the AZE journal (frAZE). I also do proofreading in French, so I have an even better grasp of all the technicalities of the language.

Contributions to CIU: I provided a good chunk of the French translations, proofread the existing ones, and I regularly check updates for new translations to add or fix. I imported and fixed translations for the CIU version of previous episodes.


Language: Polish

Callsign: Piotrek1113

Age: 28

Previous translation experience: Freelance translator, currently doing translations for Voice-Overs of English shows for a dubbing studio. In free time I’m helping with fan-translations of Pokemon manga and was working on some unofficial Polish translation hacks for various NES/SNES games (Profile on romhacking.net).

Contributions to CIU: Working on CIU translations since the introduction. I also imported all the CI3-5 previous translations to CIU, although with slight changes.


Language: Spanish / Español

Callsign: 4-FX

Age: 16

Experience: Apart from knowing basic/advanced english for more than 6-7 years (and so on) I’m an active Spanish player in the game. It’s my native language. I’ve studied punctuation and coherency that must be applied on words, the application of the tilde and accentuation. Helped people from here with their essays, fixing their grammar and the order of which words go. Even teaching it to some foreign friends of mine. I… barely see any other spanish players doing proper translations in some sentences in the game… Not all of them. There’s great people who helped in the spanish translation as well, they’re awesome!

I’ve had to manage the translations of some long sentences in the game in past updates, and naming each spacecraft according to their types, the VF was pretty difficult as each edition is based on a bird type. Confirmed some good suggested translations, etc…

As personal experiences I’ve worked at places where non-spanish tourists came over, and I’ve helped them know what thing is what, and how do we differ from other accents in my country.

Unsure if there has to be any other spanish accents to be translated into the game as well like spanish from Mexico, Spain, Latin-america, other countries (Their accents make some words sound different, that either shorten them or make them have a different meaning, take spain’s spanish and Argentina’s if you want). And if i must, i will if possible.

Espero ser elegido para la traducción al Español del juego!


Language: Polish

Callsign: matix524

Age: 19

Previous translation experience: Freelance translator and proofreader with 4+ years of experience. I’m an approved author of several polish translations for the popular fan-made video series called Underverse (starting from Season 2), which is based on the video game by the name of Undertale.

I’m studying English Philology as I love learning more sophisticated and advanced features of the English Language and would like to become a professional translator in the future.

Contributions to CIU: I’ve been working on the translation for CIU ever since the Fan Translation Project was green-lit. I translated the initial version of the galaxy store, tutorials and main menu elements. I regularly check and add new translations, and, if it’s necessary, I proofread in-game text.


Language: Vietnamese

Callsign: HuyTheKiller

Age: 18 but turning 19 in 2 months

Previous translation experience: English has always been that one second language I’m excellent at. I’ve been learning it since I was 5 years old so I’d say I grew up with the development of both English and Vietnamese. Although I hadn’t dedicated myself to translating until recently, along with not having a proper IELTS certificate (I’m planning to get at least 7.0 band and use it as my outcome standard to graduate university), I’m still certain that I have adequate skill for the aforementioned.

Contribution to CIU: I was surprised that I got welcomed by the translation community, despite having very little experience, for proofreading stuff and bringing more consistency to a lot of prompts in CIU, not to mention I’ve single-handedly translated the second half of CI4U and the entirety of CI3U and CI2U back in v139 BETA.

I also got here too… And yes, unlike most people I do try to read everything because I’m an info-lust guy.


Callsign:Vlad121 Vlad Yt Ciu
My Stats:I join UHF in 2 years and 11 mouths ago
Experience:I’m a fan of this game CIU (chicken invaders universe) And the first game I played was chicken invaders 5 christmas edition 4 years ago I played it and it was funny. However if we’re still talking about CIU I hope it brings a lot of joy especially for 5-6 year old children and above all it is a game from childhood.
This is a short text in Vietnamese:
Tôi hy vọng được trở thành người đóng góp ngôn ngữ


I have made some initial selections for the official translators. Check the original post for a full list.

This topic will remain open. There is no deadline, and any new applications are always welcome.


callsign: gamemoretv (if possible​ can we add 2 people​ in?)​
another​ callsign​: gttop @GTTOP
language: Thai
im 17 years old (while​ gttop being​ 19)​ and I would​ love to translate​ your game, i have been translate your game​ for sometimes​ now (my name doesnt​ appear​ on​ credit​ because​ they didnt​ approve mine)​ , i also got reward​ed​ for top score english​ in the town 3 years in a row and yes, english​ is my favorite​ subject after all
(also when will you fix the thai​ font eventually? so we can you know? makes it easiler​ to translate? since​ its almost​ im​possible​ for us to understand​ our own language​ with​ unstable​ font)​


Callsign: Madder

Language: Italian

Age: 20

I’ve translated the entirety of CI5U and CI4U in italian and I plan to do the same for the remaining episodes. I take extremely care when I translate to ensure quality. I took the original italian translation files for the episodes and manually retranslated everything from the source files. For CI5U the translation is mostly the same, because the original italian translation for CI5 was already good enough. For CI4 however I took much freedom to edit the italian translation, because the original italian translation for CI4 was fucking horrible, and on top of that CI4 also has so many dialouges that it was a pain to translate, but I did it.

After the translation is done, I play the whole episode to see if I did some typos or forgot to translate something, or if I translated wrong, or if I could translate better, you get the point. For CI3U I’ll just use the original italian translation file for CI3, since that one is probably the best official italian translation out of every episode. CI2U should be little to no effort, since it doesn’t even have any dialouge whatsoever, but I’ll still use the original translation file for CI2 and repeat the process to ensure quality.

If that wasn’t enough, even if there are some other italian people in the community besides me, I haven’t seen any of them lately, so I’m basically the only one who can do this.

As a last note, I’m probably willing to keep translating until CI2U gets added. Once all the episodes are added in CIU I’ll probably leave because I have other projects I want to work on, but in the meantime I am willing to do this.


Language: Ukrainian

Callsign: Blokador

Age: 28

Translation experience: Contributions to the CIU, Gdevelop and Steam translations. Currently working at “Bendy and the Dark Revival” localization the showcases of which you can find on X (Twitter) https://twitter.com/Blokador_.


Language: Serbian
Callsign: Viola
Age: 20
I’ve been playing CIU since its release and have been working on the Serbian translation ever since the start of the fan translation program. I’m the single largest contributor to it at the moment, most of the longer strings in the game being translated by me, and have also worked on improving the consistency and quality of other people’s translations. I also have a Cambridge C2 certificate of proficiency in English.


Language: Romanian

Callsign: Sputerman

Age: 16

Previous experience: Translated many Roblox games, mainly airline games as well as other games that needed Romanian translation, also, I contributed at the translation of many VATSIM (Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network) documents or different messages that had to reach Romanians. I have participated in many English Olympiads and other English competitions country-wide. Other than that, I do bilingual classes in high school (most of the subjects are in English)

I have strongly contributed to in-game translation, and right now, I am working hard on translating most of CI3U