I think I must complete the translation project of Korean.

Henlo guys! My callsign is 유경훈-𝕪𝕜𝕙𝕜𝕚𝕟𝕘𝟡𝟠 :chicken: :poultry_leg: and it’s the first post since I joined Chicken Invaders Universe forum.
I’m from South Korea, and there’s a Korean translation project(thanks to Dongjun Lee!) already exists on CIU but not fully translated. Also there’s some incorrect translation in grammar or context, which makes a bit awkward as a native Korean speaker.
I am willing to tribute in completing the Korean CIU translation! Can you help me?

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Take a read through the main translation topic:

You can press Ctrl-T while logged in, select your language and edit the translation as you want. For those lines that were not translated before you they become the primary translation. Those which are already translated will not replace the original translation upon editing as long as other translators don’t choose your version on their end. The more people have the same translation for a particular line, the bigger the priority of this translation.


Thanks for your help!

also official translator’s work has the highest priority and will show up for everyone who hasn’t selected different choices in ctrl+t menu

no official translator for korean

one should apply for it here

There is a requirement that the translator must translate a significant part of the game first, before applying, and that’s only in case the person wants to be bothered with it at all.

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