🌎 How to translate the game

Only one can translate it neither with anybody your language.

Read the post original to can you translate them

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i wish the translation interface was more compact so we would see more at the same time, also idk has anyone mentioned before (sure not gonna scroll 930 of replies) but how do you translate the “FORWARD” “AX” “UNLABELED” “Left Windows” “WEBBACK” etc? do they appear as assigned keybindings(if so how to differentiate them) and most likely no need to be translated?

The giant list of stuff in the beginning is a list of inputs, primarily keyboard keys. Translate them the way you’d like them to be in the controls settings.

@InterAction_studios Is it possible that the number of each line is written next to the line in the game itself? (like Excel file)

I still have specific this digits of Arabic and Farsi fully but it didn’t change them yet.

“Frame rate”

In room multiplayer “counts extra life” “timer/router rate” “send/received” by digits

And the message of numeric


Does can fix this up?

It’s been a month since the last update on lead translators table. I think it’d be better to update the table again to show the new approved candidates.


:milky_way: Persian language translation is 100% done :milky_way:


Same goes for Hungarian, except that I skipped the unused cutscene nag phrases from the episodes. Which reminds me… @InterAction_studios, have you looked at my application yet?

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85% of my translation arabic, still need more translate it.

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:star: Spanish Translation on CI2U is complete.


Though is it me or i had this bug where one of the “On approach to” parts weren’t translated? I thought I’ve finished everything already, i checked the untranslated list and i didn’t see it, just the translated version

I… Already


Restart the game and re-download the language. I’ve had a similar encounter.
(It will work unless you have been translating when the server decided to restart at the midnight).


Oh, let me try that then

It worked, got me for a second there thinking i have to self confirm my stuff or that i have to do it all again

I also had this problem, but I realized that this part had to be translated again and was not saved.

It seems like the italian translation of CI2 demo has one extra line in the credits, for some reasons (the one that is highlighted)

And at this point idk if I should merge it with another line or just get rid of it.

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Currently, the date and time format is year-month-day hour.minute.second. Should we be able to translate date and time formats?

  • Yes, we should!
  • No, leave it be.
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The Iranian flag is up :DD


I think should rework the date and time for time zone country’s.

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