🌎 Official translators wanted

My callsign is KnockoffFeline, I am 21 years old and would like to become an official translator for the Hungarian version of CIU.

I have over 4 years of experience in translating documents from English to Hungarian, with the majority of the time being spent in high school. I have an ECL (European Consortium for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages) certificate for English level B2 with writing and speaking tests combined.

I aim to make the translation of the game as flawless as I possibly can. I have confirmed a couple of good suggested translations. However, I don’t see most of my folks doing proper translations in some phrases, some even going as far as writing in all-lowercase, and blatantly mistranslating certain ones. With your help, I can get rid of these low-quality translations once and for all.

Thank you for reading!

Edit: I forgot to mention a couple of things. Firstly, I have the most significant amount of contribution to translating the game to my native language. I have single-handedly translated all of the ports of the episodes to the game. Secondly, the low-quality translations are actually dominating in terms of popularity. Here’s one of the many examples where this occurs:


So, if you care about the Hungarian community as well, then please consider hiring me as an official translator. This may very well be the only chance to fix this translation for good.


Language: Korean

Callsign: 유경훈-𝕪𝕜𝕙𝕜𝕚𝕟𝕘𝟡𝟠 :chicken: :poultry_leg:

Age : 25

Previous translation experience: I translated several console games which were not released in Korea(NES,GBA,PS1&2,etc. especially JRPG and many multilingual titles), few of movie subtitles, and some pop song lyrics on my own. My very first translation was in 2008 and the game title was [X operations], which is first-person shooting game.
I also got 1st grade in Korean and English subjects of Korean College Scholastic Ability Test in 2018.(Sadly I am three-time repeater…) This means that I studied English for 10+2 years.

Contributions to CIU: I corrected almost all grammatical errors in previous Korean CIU translations.
And I translated the whole CI3 and CI4 by myself, also on CI5 suggestions.


I have made some more selections for the official translators. Check the original post for a full list.


Hello, I have noticed that my name is not listed in the “Lead Translators” section, and I think you have tried to put the forum profile name instead of the actual in-game callsign, could you please correct it?

You are correctly marked as a lead translator. It’s just that credits won’t be updated until v.142.


haha very funny

speaking of english, which english is the game in? us or uk?


I think U.S. but it’s hard to tell because they are both English and are very similar, trust me, I know

Language: Arabic
Callsign: Hyper Ahmed
Age: 15

Translation experience: I have translated some incorrect names, phrases etc. in CIU in older versions. I want to make sure that the translation is 100% accurate to make CIU better. Proofs (if needed)

(Ignore the noun part lol)


Will there still be time to apply as a senior translator? Well
-My username is: SpringtrapMC994™
-I am 19 years old
-My native language is Spanish (Latin American Spanish to be exact)

I started translating the game last year when the language was about 60% complete if I’m not mistaken, I even translated all of CI5 and much of CI4 and CI3 at that time, I’m currently studying English.

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