Epic waves


Share your insane CIU waves here.


Oops! All Egg Ship Chickens (Chickenaut Quartet)


( Chicken Quadrants, it actually spawned Egg Ship Chickens in two stages, not just one xd)


Everything is kool


The hardest thing so far, here really can not shoot chickens


@GgWw1175 That looks suspiciously like my old paintwork.


IA should do the 4 final bosses on 1 level. The Henterprise from the left side, the egg cannon for the right side, the yolk star on the top and the mother hen-ship circle around. But it will need to be extra zoomed. Also our ship will turn around until we kill them completely. That will be epic wave!


Not that crazy, but I died two times. These were the only times I died in the weekly challenge


I did not use any rockets or superweapons and didnt die at all on this weekly challenge. This wave ^ was not hard btw.


Also i dont expect that I will get 9 likes+IA for the final bosses in one level(because i was kiding). But its not impossible. I glad you like it.


so I’m waiting for this epic wave


You already got 11 likes on that because your idea is not a joke, it’s actually a great idea! :joy:


Gyroscope Malfunction with Chickenauts.


I would not say that this is an epic wave



Chicken Fractals with Egg Ship Chickens.




was higher
By the way, this wave was at number 2 in my mission (that was when I had an epic, I only had 1 weapon boost)


Wait, what kind of engine flame is THAT?


He was dodging downwards ſt the time.


The engine flame changes depending on the type of thruster you use. This one in particular is the Hall-Effect Thruster (aka the most expensive one).