Early Access version 99

@InterAction_studios could you add a second racquet for multiplayer? well, to understand that the player is playing multiplayer

I decided to resend it because IA didn’t notice my message

I’ve seen it. It will be added in the next few days.


Okay, so while we’re at doing stuff, can this please be looked into?

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Reforming League (By LordHerobrine and windinecraft) - Ideas - Chicken Invaders Universe

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Mission Message (custom Death/Victory message) - Ideas - Chicken Invaders Universe


POV: You join a multiplayer mission and the current wave is Chicken Exponentiality

Yeah that happened to me like 5 times

Sometime, the “Active contact” message is blocking my spacecraft and enemy’s bullet. It also blocked the Multiplayer board while I’m trying to see how many FP I (or other) have.


Thats really annoying when play multiplayer

99.999999 % sure suggested before
But can you make exploding effects white?


It requires changes in the code, so it wont be changed


Let’s suggest an idea for Utensil Poker:

At 15 Firepowers should be what it used to be, I’ll show you now

That’s just the idea that came to my mind.

What do you think of the idea?
  • Great idea.
  • Good idea.
  • I think it’s a normal idea.
  • Better not to add that, bad idea.

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Even if this was possible, won’t the Christmas content be disappearing soon?

Well it could come in handy for next Christmas and so on? I don’t know how much effort would be required, but I and probably some other people would appreciate more consistent Christmas themed vfx, even if it only shows up once in a while. Same thing applies to other holidays.

I have tested with the Absolver Beam with mass quantity of slobs and found out that slobs will give you less food if you use Absolver Beam. Say I got an epic waves of slobs and if I use AB I get about 300 food but if I use the ICBM with Boron Railgun it gives me 800 food.
Is this a bug, @InterAction_studios ?

Probably intentional, but I do wish they dropped a consistent amount of food in competitive missions.

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Yes, but…
Ah fine okay you’re right :sweat_smile:

its intended, the harder you hit them less food will drop out

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You can get around this by using the beam uncharged (one of the few good reasons to do so).