Early Access version 99


More Christmas content! Network performance during multiplayer games has been improved in this update. There’s one major multiplayer bug remaining: the underlying cause has been identified, but the circumstances under which it manifests are still unclear. Also, in order to fix a separate bug, all mission slots have been emptied in this update.

Bug/Idea medals will be awarded later in the day. :warning: Your medal cannot be awarded if your in-game callsign doesn’t match your forum name (send it to me in a private message).


You will lose:

  • any mid-mission progress
  • all graphics options, which includes your window/borderless/fullscreen setting.
  • your language selection


:new: New features – :bulb: Tweaks – :bug: Bug fixes – :gear: Internal changes

  • :gear: Deleted users who haven’t logged in during the past 4 weeks and have less than an hour of playtime, and also users who haven’t logged in during the past week and have less than 10 minutes of playtime, and also users who haven’t logged in during the last 12 months and haven’t set an e-mail. Note that users with any purchase are never deleted.
  • :bug: In-mission sun color now matches galaxy sun color (@miuracle :medal_sports: Bug)
  • :bug: Fixed fireworks freezing in place at the Christmas party (@Sammarald :medal_sports: Bug)
  • :gear: Language screen: Completion percentage is now shown in red if <90%
  • :bug: Multiplayer: Fixed crash when disconnecting while using “Poultry Payback” (@SA-GoldenBoss128 :medal_sports: Bug)
  • :bulb: Reduced pitch increase of “max power” Absolver sound effect to +10% (was +25%) (@ThisIsChristianF :medal_sports: Idea)
  • :bug: Multiplayer: Fixed host crash when projectile from a disconnected player hit a Coward.
  • :new: Added more Christmas content (Henperor, A mysterious ship approaches, Infinichick, Special Forces, Party Time, Asteroids)
  • :bug: Fixed incorrect placement of Mother Hen shell fragments when changing language after encountering it once (caused by incorrect static data (re)initialization when restarting UVE) (@2DE.PinkG :medal_sports: Bug)
  • :bulb: “Spiral of Doom” wave: Prevented spawning of Balloon chickens when wave is upside-down (@Knightcap :medal_sports: Idea)
  • :bug: Fixed “–EMPTY–” appearing in various dates when a translation is selected through the Language screen.
  • :bug: Fixed rare desync crashes caused by this change from v.91.2 “Multiplayer in-mission: Local player’s spacecraft is now drawn on top of everyone else’s.”
  • :gear: Re-applied a fixed version of this v.91.2 change: “Multiplayer in-mission: Local player’s spacecraft is now drawn on top of everyone else’s.”
  • :gear: Reverted these changes from v.97 “Instrumented network traffic to debug multiplayer crashes (warning: results in increased bandwidth usage)” and v.98.1 “Instrumented network traffic some more to debug multiplayer crashes (results in very slightly increased bandwidth usage)”
  • :bulb: Assassins now target the specific player that damaged them (@MinhLongBacon :medal_sports: Idea)
  • :bulb: Repeated notifications are now suppressed when inviting players to join squadron multiple times (@Helios :medal_sports: Idea)
  • :gear: Bandwidth monitor: Clamped Y axis so it’s always visible on screen.
  • :gear: Multiplayer: Incoming network traffic is now handled immediately instead of waiting until next network I/O frame (theoretically improves average responsiveness by 12.5ms (=half net tickrate) )
  • :bug: Mission Config screen: Fixed background/music preview reverting after returning from multiplayer menu (@Arnav :medal_sports: Bug)
  • :gear: Mission Config screen: All slots have been emptied to debug “Other side closed connection” message when starting a mission (because player has mounted more units than they own).
  • :bug: Fixed server kicks (“other side closed connection”) when starting a mission due to bad mission slot loadout (more units were mounted than player owned). Caused by incorrect perishing on server side for multiplayer guests, which was exposed by client crashing before it could correctly perish on its side and overwrite server’s results. Bug manifested only when perishing just enough units to cause one of more slots to be emptied, but not enough to invoke bugfix_staleSlots() (@Aft :medal: Bug)
  • :bug: Touchscreen: Fixed pinch-zoom resulting in invalid (NaN) camera coordinates (@TheDarkSkull :medal_sports: Bug)
  • :bulb: “Overheat warning” visual indication is now white (was red).
  • :bulb: Omnidirectional onslaught: Prevented Slobs from spawning to avoid “excessive food/score” exploit (@MinhLongBacon :medal_sports: Idea)

This is it, countdown to V100 begins. btw IA, will there be new content for V100 :slight_smile:


v100 :slight_smile:

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v99 perfect number

just almost but good

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finally a bug and an idea medal, i can rest now


gonna stock up some keys and buy some rockets for tomorrow’s Multiplayer :grin: (not too much :slight_smile: )

I appreciate your contribution. Just rest unitl you find something good :smiley:

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my mission got cut off in the middle because the server was starting to upgrade, afterwards I couldnt finish the mission. Does it affect anything?

Can you let the Magnetic wear Christmas Asteroid?


by the way: pic from MinhLongBacon

like this right


yes like that

Btw IA, Special Forces and Party Time bosses the cluck doesnt the same as the old one. Can it be changed?
somehow in neutral face, and the SFX sounds (grenade and knife) need to be changed.
oh… and here is death effect sound when this snowman got killed.

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More chritmas content idea: Thundercluck guitar, “The Mother Ship” and “i’ll be back” bosses, all 4 UCO, all 3 Space Crab.

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hmm, I think the current appearance still work, besides there is no need to change to do something
But I do agree that knives and grenades needs to be changed

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So iA.
Can you let the chicken which drives the UCOs and the Big Chicken wear the Chrismas hat? Just the Chrismas hat.

you mean like this one?
Capture 3
yeah i argee with this idea
also IA, can you let this egg cannon bosses (oh and the egg cannon cannon cannonade too) wear this LED light
and the superchick wear this Santa Claus skins?

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Hmm… can you make this rely on ghost trail color, or at least make it customizable through spacecrafts?

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As iA said

“With very few exceptions, I only re-used ready Xmas content from previous episodes that did not require re-rendering of changes in the behaviour. Superchick/Infinichick would require re-rendering due to the moving eyes in CIU. Special Forces/Party require changes to the code.”


What about making it customizable (for free)