Early Access version 94

I don’t have any word to explain how this idea work but here’s a picture.

This is just a small idea so credit only, no medal need.


I think iA does not put hints to obtain the bug and idea medals in the game so that there’s a better feeling of “voluntary” when going here and suggest fixes. Also, the Steam description already reveals how to obtain it.

I still think an Early Access text is necessary, because in videos that players upload (which no longer requires [EARLY ACCESS] in the title) they don’t start by opening the game, they jump in the game immediately, so it’s better to be clear. The main menu has a link to the website.

Maybe the guest account has less than tier 3.

IA can you add a cancel button here?

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You can “ESC”


It’s not as game-breaking as you make it out to be. It doesn’t automatically give access to ALL enviromentally-protected missions. You must find and join a multiplayer game for each individual mission you want to add. Hardly practical. It was also intended to give more freedom/incentive for multiplayer.

Having said this, I am disabling it (see below). Changed in v.95 :medal_sports: Idea

That’s ok. I only created an icon for use in the multiplayer browser.

These are not distinct mission types.

This can’t be easily changed. Environmental restrictions are not saved as part of the mission. The same thing happens everywhere in the game: squadron assignments, dares, cups, weekly, etc. You don’t need to have the equipment to fly the mission.

That would be a much more practical solution. Done.

It servers a purpose. Knowing which version screenshots/videos are taken from helps a lot with debugging.




A resuggestion:

Yes, I know. Is it possible to post an image of that icon here on forum?

Well here you go


I think CIU should add a specific danger effect for wormholes just like the other environment.
My idea is having a warning circle “mini” wormholes appear randomly on the screen for a few secs, we go there and die just like gas chicken. The hit box maybe x2 of the bx9
Sorry if my gramma bad

well though catty and me found this before but sure whatever
Catty’s post


Please link to your original post and I’ll fix the medal

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Do you know how the “Asteroids” wave is cheesable by standing in the corner when the angle is really slanted?

I suggest increasing the width of the asteroid wave. That way it covers the corners no matter what. Also makes it non-cheesable.

But, I also want to suggest increasing the score of asteroids. Comet Chases are still more profitable than Meteor Storms, so let’s at least try to make Meteor Storm on par with it.
Small will be worth 400, Medium is 800, and Large is 1,600.

Also, as a bonus for the Asteroids/Asteroids!/Meteor Storm waves: Let’s have a single UFO (any kind, but preferably Fester) appear roughly 3-5 second into the wave. It will not fall with the asteroids, but they will spawn and move in straight lines slowly. They will leave the screen after a while.

Reference for UFO: Asteroids

do that to astroid not really ig

check his post again (he edited)

Well, wormholes are a little tricky, it acts like a spawner without a hitbox, so if we go to it, it won’t kill us unless it spawns something right at us as well.

I see this when I was multiplayer: the mission almost end, but the contact: “player” complete the mission was come first before the mission end.

be able to join a muiti mission with at least 10% of the mission progress not done yet, every time you join a muiti with more than 1 wave progress its immediately counted as a partial (whether its exiting in progress or after the mission is over)

I do now. Fixed in v.95 :medal_sports: Bug

Changed in v.95 :medal_sports: Idea

Ok, medal changed


If you’re buffing asteroids, then can we change the asteroid trails so that they do not look like smoke and are instead much more subtle like perhaps tiny 4-6 pixel sized pebbles behind the main asteroid… The current trails make tracking asteroids quite difficult and nigh impossible in multiplayer.
Also, I want to know whether the asteroids are 3d models when designing them? This will determine whether I can suggest a texture change for asteroids.

Multiplayer is general has an issue of having too much stuff going on-screen, and I’ve already suggested potential remedies in previous posts, but I’d also like to suggest disabling overheat warning noise and overheat noise for other players, as it gets confusing on determining who’s actually overheating.

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