Early Access version 41


Two (sort of) new bosses. Two weapon reworks. Improvements. Bug fixes. The usual stuff.

Also, if you haven’t logged in for the past 40 days or so, your callsign has been reset (this is to reduce the time I have to spend sifting through inactive accounts when responding to support calls about lost profiles etc.). On the positive side, if you had an old inaccessible account keeping your callsign in use, you can now reclaim it.

Bug/Idea medals will be awarded later in the day (even after your medal is awarded, you’ll need to re-connect to see it). :warning: Your medal cannot be awarded if your in-game callsign doesn’t match your forum name (send it to me in a private message).


You will lose:

  • any in-mission progress
  • any menu options you have configured


:new: New features – :bulb: Tweaks – :bug: Bug fixes – :gear: Internal changes

  • :gear: Deleted users that haven’t logged in in the past 4 weeks and have less than an hour of playtime.
  • :bug: Fixed bug: Absolver Beam doesn’t reach across entire screen if fired immediately after spawning (@RoboCat :medal_sports: Bug)
  • :bug: Fixed bug: Absolver Beam appears white if game is paused immediately after firing (@RoboCat :medal_sports: Bug)
  • :bug: Boss Rush missions: Music doesn’t fade between waves if custom boss music has been set (@SA-GoldenBoss128 :medal_sports: Bug)
  • :bug: Fixed bug: “Extreme Unpreparedness” medal is blocked if the “boss music” slot is filled (@ScarletCuboids :medal_sports: Bug)
  • :gear: Removed Easter content.
  • :gear: Cleared callsigns for all players that haven’t logged in since v.35
  • :bulb: Egg Cannon: Upon entering a new damage stage, that stage’s newly introduced attack is immediately invoked (@SA-GoldenBoss128 :medal_sports: Idea)
  • :bulb: Mission Outcome screen: Removed unused (for now) “Equipment perk” from score calculations (@BoggY :medal_sports: Idea)
  • :bulb: Mission Outcome screen: Added hints (tooltips) for each key/score calculation. (@BoggY :medal_sports: Idea)
  • :bulb: Rarer spacecraft now have smaller hitboxes (@Sophodot :medal_sports: Idea)
  • :bulb: Rarer bombers now move faster (@Recruit_75 @anon27929001 :medal_sports: Idea)
  • :bug: Removed “clean sweep” from “Chicken Vending Machine” wave (@MoonKnight :medal_sports: Bug)
  • :bug: Fixed bug: “Extreme Unpreparedness” medal doesn’t receive expected per-stage +10% boost (@GuestUniverse :medal_sports: Bug)
  • :bulb: Renamed “Scrooge McChick” medal to “Scrooge McCluck” (@Toppy :medal_sports: Idea)
  • :bulb: Color theme: “Reset to default” button now requires confirmation (@MoonKnight :medal_sports: Idea)
  • :bug: Fixed bug: Store: Music equipment is labelled as “stackable” (@matix524 :medal_sports: Bug)
  • :bug: Removed “clean sweep” from “Three-Ring Circus” wave (@MoonKnight :medal_sports: Bug)
  • :bug: Lightning/Plasma: Texture horizontal scaling now depends on beam thickness. (@anon48763505 :medal_sports: Bug)
  • :bug: Fixed bug: Store: Background & skill equipment is labelled as “stackable” (@MoonKnight :medal_sports: Bug)
  • :bug: Fixed incorrect flare scaling of Egg Cannon near/far center dish.
  • :gear: Improved collision accuracy for thick projectiles (e.g., Egg Cannon ‘red’ lasers, UCO green lasers).
  • :new: Added “Egg Cannon Cannon Cannon” boss (@Sammarald :medal_sports: Idea)
  • :bug: (from v.39) Boss Rush missions: Space Crab and UCO variations are no longer penalized as a group (i.e., it’s now possible to encounter multiple variations in the same mission). They are still penalized in Invasion missions. In v.39-40, the opposite is true: Boss Rushes still penalize, but Invasion doesn’t.
  • :bug: Fixed bug: Space Crab didn’t appear (neither Invasion nor Boss Rushes) in difficulties >90%.
  • :bug: Key Rushes are now removed from the To-Do list even if they are surrendered/lost (@Francis :medal_sports: Bug)
  • :bulb: “Crazy Squawker” apprearance probability reduced to 50% (@youraveragegrant :medal_sports: Idea)
  • :bug: Clicking on “Missions” button in an assignment message now takes you directly to the “assignments” tab of the MIssions Screen. (@trueuser :medal_sports: Bug)
  • :bulb: “Fly again”, “Make favourite”, “Assign”, “Save for later” button icons turn to “X” when button is disabled (@ChickenInvader45 :medal_sports: Idea)
  • :gear: Eggs now have a 4px collision radius (was 0px)
  • :gear: Temporarily removed “Touchscreen” button from Controls screen.
  • :gear: Increased maximum supported itinerary length in database.
  • :bulb: Terminator chickens now bank smoothly when turning direction (@Sophodot :medal_sports: Idea)
  • :bulb: Terminator chickens’ targets are now jittered slightly to prevent bunching up.
  • :new: Added “Chicken Exponentiality” boss (starts appearing at 70% difficulty) (@RoboCat :medal_sports: Idea)
  • :bulb: Paint screen: HSB brightness slider can now go all the way down to 0% (@GgWw1175 :medal_sports: Idea)
  • :new: Reworked Neutron Gun (@1galbatorix1 :medal_sports: Idea)
  • :new: Reworked Utensil Poker (@1galbatorix1 :medal_sports: Idea)
  • :gear: Low-memory warning now only triggers if free memory <512MB.


You are reminded that during Early Access you are responsible for backing up your own progress. Make a copy of everything under C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU (including all sub-folders). :warning: Never rename files or move them from one version folder to another. Simply make a copy and then later put it back exactly where you found it.


Version 41 is a revolution?

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egg cannon cannon cannon goes bbbb


Yesss, hype for the reworked neutron and utensil!!1!11!11!!! Also, Rare bombers move faster now!!! this is so exciting!

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And a new heavy metal version of CM.

I don’t really get what’s up with the utensil poker changes
While the power level changes were applied, the damage wasn’t changed that much. The weak projectile still deals 300 damage while strong deals 375 damage
So here’s a list of the power levels and the damage

0- 300
1- 600
2- 900
3- 975
4- 1500
5- 1575
6- 1650
7- 1725
8- 1800
9- 1875
10- 2425
20- 2625

this somehow makes level 10 stronger than it was before, and the weaker power levels are still as strong as before

meanwhile, neutron is completely the same with only lv2 being changed. the projectile damage is still the same


Someone found a boss? I still searching anyone

:thinking:Hmm interesting. Gonna see it in game.

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Mistake. Weak one should be 200. Basically, I’ve applied all changes as described in the WBP, except I’ve made the strong projectile 375 instead of 400.

Fixed in v.42
:medal_sports: Bug

W.R.T. Neutron, the projectiles still cause the same damage (so no changes except the firepower 2 volley fix. This was also a mistake, but I want to keep it that way for a few days.


But I reported that bug: A Bug with Assigned Missions! - #4 by InterAction_studios

Wait what?! there’s something odd here! My non rare bx-6 has got the same manuverability as a legendary bx-6… look below:

(Oh and also, I bought the legendary bx-6 before the update.)


Hm, I’ve noticed something weird: In Brothers Reunited, the Party Chicken does not even do the 360 trash attack like it used to, let alone moving from the left edge to the right edge of the screen, then the opposite, and then moving from up to the middle and then back slightly up to do his 360 attack. Has something wrong happened while coding that removed its attacks, besides the new Chicken Multiplicity implementation?

As for the Sarge Chicken, he’s fine.

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This bug was originally reported here:

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So I think you added this reply by mistake :sweat_smile:: A Bug with Assigned Missions! - #4 by InterAction_studios

I found him!!!


That’s just the way the boss works…nothing out of the ordinary.

These numbers are not connected to anything (made a note to fix this). The speed within the mission has indeed been changed.


by the way @InterAction_studios at this time you rework the weapons by the idea of @1galbatorix1:+1:…you could rework evan somethink “new”, and I mean old, the original neutrogun and the original ion blaster…everybody will love to see those weapons returns!! I think!!!

Not sure about neutron, but ions would barely be any different…


That egg cannon cannon cannon cannonade is scary, especially the last part