V.41 Egg Cannon

How do you feel about it?


Normal, and not frustrated

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First time shocked me, the orang laser immediately shoot me.


I don’t like it, tbh. I preferred the tension of waiting for it to appear.

Me too, but is still easy.

People getting upset about actually needing to take care of how they shoot instead of mindlessly spamming. Enough said.


No, no, that’s not it. I just think it’s an arbitrary way to punish the player (especially newer players who won’t know the “waypoints” in the health bar, so to speak).

  1. Newer players won’t meet an Egg Cannon strong enough (or at all) to have multiple phases
  2. Even if they do, the phases will be initiated much slower and they’ll figure it out easily
  3. Even if they start with SSH immediately (wtf), it’s a mistake you only make once

I’d support this as a high-difficulty thing - I just don’t feel it belongs on every difficulty level and it’s generally less fun in my opinion.

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I really felt sad, it fires immediately, the previous one looked cool.


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