Early Access version 111

IA, can you prevent Balloon on the Reinforcement wave from upside-down? they’re sometimes too hard to clear and most annoying one.


Idea: About the new variations of Comets
For the red one, Make it have fire (If your near it you will die
For the blue one: Make it have snowflakes (If your near it your vision will decrease
Also in Massive environments make the color of the sun that the mission was in, (For example if youre playing the mission in a yellow sun then the Comets will be yellow.)

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Too complex.


this will be very problematic with large comets


for the love of god, suggest the whole idea rather than in parts next time


This has already been done (for an unrelated reason), which should help

Also, I am now limiting the number of simultaneous stasis zones. Changed in v.112 :medal_sports: Idea

Changed in v.112 :medal_sports: Idea

That is way too messy to implement.

There’s no support for that, and I hardly think it’s worth it (or even appropriate).

That’s just how the missions were generated (along with Supernova and Retro). I can’t recall the exact reasoning… perhaps because these missions are locked behind tier barriers?

That wasn’t my choice, remember? :roll_eyes:

Actually, there’s a bug and frozen Meteor missions do not have the usual +15% boost due to frost (this is because they were converted from regular missions after the fact)


I could, but part of the point is that they can escape so how quick you are matters on this wave.

Some extra points aren’t significant enough to create a new breed.

Changed in v.112 :medal_sports: Idea


Wanted to point out 3 other people who suggested this stuff in the past. There were probably more but I couldn’t find others.

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I had a live broadcast situation where I couldn’t see the lasers of the armored chickens.

I suggest to add the ci2 original music as 2002 game

Already did, Denied.

Idea: Be able to chat with contacts.


Suggest many times


Kind of a stupid idea again. but can the force field attack of Henperor’s Apprentice and Space Crab 2.0 be made to block bullets? It isn’t noticeable on Space Crab since you’ll get to the side anyways, but it makes Henperor’s Apprentice less cheesable. You can still go inside the field and damage such boss.

Another question about waves:
Is it possible that group of enemies are arranged layer by layer (idk if I worded this right)?
For example on the first instance 2 enemy groups overlap each other, they are arranged like this:

after a while at the second instance that they overlap again, they are now arranged as:


Can the enemy spawner portal spawn enemies faster (and not only have the portal move faster) at higher difficulty? (In waves like Portal Gun, Spawning Trouble, Interdimensional Portal, etc)

Can the color of thunder storms in an electric environment mission be yellow instead of sky blue (this suggestion is minor, and maybe not worth it, but I am suggesting it because it has stayed in the same color since its first appearance in the ice chapter in ci5, but if you will keep it sky blue, that’s ok)

Just like Skyscrapers wave, would you also reduce the row of chickens in the Stacker wave (and its mirrored variation too)? The space in that wave is too tight there.

Also, why are Balloon Chickens not counted for Multi-kill bonus?

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Idea: Replace the “Save For Later” button with “Mark As Favorite” button for mission has been flown as Victory

Remove the “Fly mission” and the “Save For Later” buttons for Key Rush mission and leave a notification you can’t fly that mission again

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Can you lower the front satellite from H&C 301? (or move H&C 301 higher like M40X)

Also, plz reduce (or remove) some tough chicken from the “High speed” line on Morning Rush wave.

Idk if you still have another time to add new wave or not but…


iA, why the “Hairpin Turn” wave don’t marked Anomally Zone like this?

Until the wave, there still have the anomally zone like this:

Can you fix this? Thank you.


My guess is: to prevent people going there immediately thinking about them like safe zones.


By this logic anomalies shouldn’t be shown in waves like Exclusion zone or any other waves similar to it where anomalies are located in zones the player will get killed instantly if he goes to it because of the spawning objects


This happened to me in Treasury the first few times I played it. It confused the living hell out of me, despite there being a danger zone. If Hairpin Turn got special treatment then I think Treasury should get this too.