Some adds

1- Is there any chance to get this chicken from CI3 as coins dropper 20200715_110039

2- About wave (Asteroids -no really ) i suggest in hot planets and suns it will come a red one .

3- And about daily challenges it will be awesome if sometime come ( boss rush, meteor storm ,or comet chase challenges at least one day a week ) and not only chickens invasions challenge .
So what do you think ?


This would bring the unfair RNG issue all over again

Good idea

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What do you mean? It’s only a visual change, chickens already drop 3 coins rarely. The real issue is not being able to tell what kind of chicken this actually is(unless iA would remake this for every chicken type/breed/whatever)

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I thought they would drop golden coins too. In that case, it’s a nice add-on

Yes, they would, of course. But they’d simply replace chickens that were going to drop 3 coins. At least that’s how I assume it would work.


already suggested, Bring him back! (also, in this topic that i’ve linked, it was said that it was already suggested, if someone knows the veeery original topic, please link it here)

you already posted this, link

I agree with this.


I agree.


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