Early Access version 111

What about this?
Idea: Put the danger zone in To Infinity And Beyond on the top right or take it out.



It’s a very small ring, and putting a bomb in there would ruin the roundness of the “yolk”, so I decided to make them automatically disappear instead.

Enemies always come from the side that you’re facing, so it’s unnecessary

No. It’s obvious that enemies appear at the sides of the screen.

No. Panzers move slowly.

No. Depending on initial rotation of ‘hub’ enemies, smaller enemies can indeed go that low.

Looks fine to me.

It’s on my list, but it’s not easy to fix.

Changed in v.112 :medal_sports: Idea


Well good luck.

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Check this too.

They fire too fast.

But they move too fast towards your position.

Also an enlarging of the safe space in Pulsating Grid would be a good thing to be able to survive and fight against the surrounding chickens specially if slobs or cowards are infront of us.

Funnily enough, said elites were already banned from that wave

The point of danger zones from below is to get you to move if the most common spacecraft starting position (namely, middle of the screen, towards the bottom) is unsafe at the start of a wave. If you move at the extreme edges of the screen in any direction, then you’re in danger of getting crushed by appearing enemies. It’s not the job of the danger zone to teach you that – you must realize it yourself.

Still looks fine to me.

So dodge faster.


Not all of us have a nice promptitude. But fine.

I tried to touch sun of wave Dyson Spheres ,but I didn’t die .

It must kill the player , right ?

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Already suggested:


IA, may I know why you voted no? I’m just curious. Are there any other reasons other than the reasons mentioned in my quote?

He had already explained that handling the sells of squadrons is a maintenance hell because there’s a lot of information that needs to be updated when that happens. If I was developing a game and had a chance to avoid the thing I don’t want to code, I would vote “no” too.

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I need to vote something, otherwise I can’t see the poll results :man_shrugging: But, yeah, regardless of how many people support this or not, I don’t see it happening. It’s too much hassle for too little payoff.


IA, can you remove Danger Zone in wave “Surfing the Wave”? It looks unnecessary.
Also can you increase Chick Gun’s cooldown in wave “Treasury” in lower difficulties?

IA I don’t have my idea medal from my idea of preventing cowards from the Grand Prix wave


Hello iA, I have a question: can you make the barrier-ring and the chickens moving around the barrier-ring still move around the screen when we kill all the chickens in the barrier-ring (by Beam for example) in “Splat!” wave?

Here, when I use Beam and kill the chickens in the barrier-ring: Splat! (Early Access) - YouTube

Same as well, probably delayed

Thanks, having them as a mobile overheat zone should do. It could open the possibility for more wave variations.

Changed in v.112 :medal_sports: Idea

These parameters aren’t dependent on difficulty anywhere else, so I hesitate to make an exception for this case.

That’s because I can’t find your callsign in-game.

Fixed in v.112 :medal_sports: Bug

You haven’t received medals? Which one?


@EnticalMintian Is this you?

Can you adjust the color effect of Alchemist Chicken’s attack? They can make player visually uncomfortable and harder to dodge enemies’s projectiles when being thrown at the same position like this

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Also, IA, if the Henperor’s Apprentice’s forcefield triggers faster on higher difficulties, why isn’t it the case for the Space Crab v2.0? Like, every time I fight that Crab on the highest difficulty (125%+, I believe) piloting a BX-9 (which is known for its major slowness), and the Crab is done throwing solar balls, I feel like having way more than just enough time to take cover before it triggers its forcefield.

Maybe this idea from my best friend could help against that: