Early Access version 111

Oh common @InterAction_studios can you increase the space of DT missions? The space is too small and i can hardly dodge.


Skyscrapers: Enlargen safe zone, My BX is too big, The safe zone is too small.


skill issue.


Same thing for Chicken Fortification, Also make the bomb appear faster in Soft In The Middle, Chicken Fractals and Complex Fractals.


the distance between the dropping chickens is larger than the safe zone and your BX’s hitbox’s diameter. so maybe it would be unnecessary.

Clearly never seen double team missions.
Do not even think these missions is not insane just you can insult him for skills. you can suffer and so do some others.

  1. Effervescence: A zone can be used for avoiding conflict with those rising up chickens


Also we can get between barriers it seems:

  1. Exclusion zone: Remove toxic chickens from this wave because

  2. Skyscrapers: Why making this tower high and we get in tight spot when trying to attack it’s upper part specially with a slob or a coward existing:

Don’t see it as a major problem. In space race this is a failed strategy, in score run the failed strategy is losing pecking order. Given that chickens can still attack it doesn’t really make it any easier.

The radar.

ironic coming from someone who never touched dt


Is this really a problem though? Besides, it’s only happening when egg barriers are present in this wave. Normal barriers provide no space to get between them. I don’t see this as a big problem though.

Regarding this:

Laziness. Squadron licenses deletion is problematic if the squadron has had any kind of activity (or even just added members), so I decided to sweep the problem under the rug by not making them sellable. :man_shrugging:

I really still don’t see the point of not making squadron licenses sellable until now. I just came back to the game and I remembered that I have got 2 dead squadrons (one is an actual squadron, and the other was a test) I am leading ever since I started playing 1-2 years ago, And I won’t really use them again. What’s the point of keeping dead squadrons if they won’t be used again by its leader? Sure, you may be keeping them for collection purposes, but what about those who don’t want them if they were the leaders of it? Also, they just clutter the screen unnecessarily, so removing them by making the squadron license sellable would make scrolling between squadrons easier for people that joined lots of squadrons and/or are leading a lot of them.
So, guys:

Do you want the squadron license to be sellable?
  • Yes.
  • No.

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Btw, don’t give me the medal, give it to @Alucard as they were the first one to suggest this idea, but in a simpler form:


If anything, the squadron license could be sellable if its unnamed, maybe?

If you want, unupgraded too. Unless it’s able to track squadron activity and make unused squadrons sellable.

dont share the medal with me, im just putting suggestions



Saving your lives and achieving that medal which you do when not losing a single life in the entire mission is better than acheiving a pecking order, besides pecking order is not impossible when they all rise up. let’s just see what IA have to say about it

but trying to dodge those rising chickens is harder than that.

Toxics do not block all the passing space in the radar, but according to the size of the Barrier Ball you might get stuck in the aftermath. also toxics can force to get killed to a spawning chicken.

But if you can read you will know that they can analyzed by watching them where there are tons of them on youtube. they are pretty insane missions but survivable with some strategy. and not all the people are very skilled in dodging many projectiles in tight screen.

Eh just want to know why this exists.

Anything would work, really. Or if the squadron is inactive for some time, like you said. Just anything. I just don’t want to see my dead squadrons.

I am just gonna assume it’s to give you space to basically breathe from these bubbled chickens. I could be wrong about this, since the normal barriers don’t give you space.

Some boss has no hitbox so you can use that trick to dodge there own attack also iron egg and crab#2,#3 have delay hitbox laser attack tô

@InterAction_studios unnecessary but, can unbreakable ball barrier be used here? Just like CI4.


Pardon me but like who?

looks can be deceiving

some hard looking DTs are actually much easier than they appear, that’s why you shouldn’t rely on the vids

get some personal experience with DT first

He means their hitbox are way smaller than the sprite.


Right. doing it is better than saying it. but I wanted to analyze this mission without depending too much on People’s behaviour in the Vid’s

I wish I can be able to purchase this liscense. if IA allowed a trial of it.

Hmm, That’s a thing I should have paid attention for.

That line killed me, not going to lie.