Early Access version 109

@InterAction_studios will Magnetic manipulator have a unique ice comet texture for the new update
oh wait, I thought the hot one had a unique texture, then can it have one?


It’s quite awesome to see a variation of frozen asteroids in the upcoming update now but I’m pretty sure certain people suggested this a while ago, including myself.


Oh really? I didn’t know that. Guess I should start crashing my ship more :sweat_smile:.

You haven’t even noticed that it was a regular asteroid with modularised colour. Knowing iA he’d rather save these kilobytes for something more useful.

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What’s with kilobytes?
Aren’t most computers nowadays have at least 500GB?
And the game is only 391MB.

Again this has been already suggested that I’ve already linked it to the other topic here

The link you sent is about enemies not bosses.

But still, Its already suggested

hmm…can Slob shoot 8 bullets around It when difficult Is <50%

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@InterAction_studios Corn Shotgun when overheated should be unable to burn the paper in Dr.Beaker and push them out (The same as Corn Overheated cannot push the Feather in Feather Fields)


That would make It even more harder or even the papers can fully blocked your way out

iA, can I ask a stupid question? If you say so, will the galaxy be reseted?

I guess so… I’d better rush on getting that exploration medal, then.

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Next update reset galaxy so you also lose that medal (If you have)
So better stay In place and do some To-do mission to get Keys for Fuel

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Well, it’s time to plug this in:

Can the Dr Beaker Music be added to the galactic map?

community's part

> think of design
> plan the attacks
> plan the name

> like the idea
> make model of boss
> render model of boss
> make the attacks
> some balancing changes perhaps
> test run
> fix bugs
> Added to v.NEXT :medal_sports: Idea


story of my life


For real? RIP.

This would be the very first time I go through a galaxy regeneration since I started playing the game. Can’t wait to live that experience.

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Yes i had like 80 keys and spent, edit address, and i bought even more lives

wait they’re still in the game, i thought that they were removed.