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I’d like to suggest different variations of asteroids on specific planets. You see, there’s 2 asteroid versions. Normal and red asteroids. Both of them appear on cold and hot planets. Well that’s kinda anticlimactic to see red asteroids on cold planets and normal asteroids on hot planets. So, I want to suggest snow asteroids (CI3 Xmas Snowstorm wave) only for cold planets and red asteroids for hot planets (seeing red asteroids on normal planets will be okay). Also, I’d be nice to see chickens flying very fast due to coldness (something similar to Eta Astropelecae waves in CI5).

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There will be ‘‘Asteroid Belts’’ for that. ‘‘Special types of planets’’. I dont sure about the ice asteroids, they will be like the ice debris in CI5.

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Thank you for informing me about incoming asteroid belts presence in CIU, but I actually meant the asteroids “wave” which it seems that i forgot to mention in this topic. When i played a mission on frozen planet and encountered a asteroids wave i usually spotted normal asteroids but sometimes there were red asteroids falling, which in my opinion i think that’s anticlimactic.

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Yeah. IA should do something about the red smoke, because he create some kind of lag. Maybe if the smoky tails are not so long will be better.

We’ve cut the amount of smoke in half in v.17, which should help. Nevertheless, this can only be properly and completely fixed by moving the game to DirectX 11 (which in turn requires removing support for Windows XP).

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Don’t waste time on DirectX 11 (or even DX12). Try to make new engine using Vulkan.

Make sure all device can handle it

Tha’t why I suggested using Vulkan.
DirectX - Windows
Vulkan - Windows, Linux, Android, Tizen

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Im with you for Vulkan.

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