CIU's League Challenge - Phase 1

Welcome to the CLC, this is where all recruits or challengers have to send a dare each others in UHF league with your own challenge rules. You can create your own challenge rules in league to challenge all every skills you have. Wherever you have been dared with challenges from the others, please read all description of challenge details.

Ex.1 You must complete a round equipped with Ion Blaster only
That’s means you need to select a weapon follow the owner of challenge’s rule.

Ex.2 Survive a supernova’s section without collect any weapons or powerups
That’s means you must complete a round in supernova and don’t collect it.

Ex.3 Defeat all bosses in Boss Rush equipped with any weapons lvl.1 and without dying
That’s mean you must select any weapons lvl.1 before you start the session and don’t die any life or less to complete this challenge.
*But watch out in 50% - 100% of Boss Rush, some challenge will made you insane, so prepare for your skills wisely.

Complete a challenge in time before you lose either dares and challenges, and will be recorded for your own list.

P.S.1 for who wants to challenge someone : You must post your own challenge rules to the others here after you dares someone from in-game.
P.S.2 for who was dared and challenged by someone : If someone dare you with easy to hard challenge, try to beat their challenge in time to collect your challenge’s records.

This CLC has some special challenge for every recruits and challengers must participate for advance to the next rank by following some serious rule to promoted. After you promoted, you will get more difficult challenge.

Following this Rank :

  • Recruits
  • Challenger
  • Senior Challenger
  • Commander Challenger
  • Elite Challenger
  • Expert Challenger
  • Champion Challenger
  • King of Challenger

For you wanted to be a CC, check here for more information and challenge rule :point_right: Competition Challenge

What happened next, it’s up to you.
Good Luck :medal_military:


Here is an example for your own challenge’s record

Bigmos’s Challenge Record
:medal_sports: Challenge Completed : 6
:medal_sports: Challenge Failed : 0

Keep progress your record to share with your friends and the others, and show them who’s the best challenger in CIU by follow this :

0-10 : :medal_military: Newbie’s Challenger
11-25 : :medal_military: Amateur’s Challenger
26-40 : :medal_military: Professional’s Challenger
41-75 : :medal_military: Expert’s Challenger
76-100 : :medal_military: Legendary’s Challenger
101> : :medal_military: God’s Challenger


Now, let the games begin, @VerMishelb

Challenge : Complete a darkness mission by using Riddler only and don’t collect any weapons or powerups

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Ok but I’ll also use H&C101, no anything and record my suffering.

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Well, I see you won this challenge btw. @VerMishelb
But don’t forget to record here to anyone knows that I challenge you for the first time.



You should’ve mentioned that I should use :zap:0 Riddler as the start point.
Slowly realising that I’ve missed “Either Brave or Stupid” medal because of firepower from the last wave.


This is the first time you got dare and challenge in the same time, @xXmlgDiegoXx
Can you survive a frozen’s section?

Challenge : Complete a round in frozen’s section within 5 minutes and use Microgun and Barbequer only (no primary weapons required)

I recommended to use a secondary weapons like satellites to beat this challenge fast. If you use any primary weapons fire more than 10 times, you will be failed this challenge immediately.

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Rematch time, If some toxic can make you feel good, but no one like this challenge can stop following you @2sN

Challenge : Survive an electric’s section with Lightning Fryer only and without dying

If you use another primary weapons, you will be failed this challenge immediately.

Are you ready for round 2, @RoboCat ?
If you wanted to reach your destination quickly, you need to beat some record time to take a rest

Challenge : Beat my record time to complete this challenge (3:05)

This challenge is gonna made you love it, @VerMishelb
But you must return to the darkness again for the next levels

Challenge : Complete a round in darkness’s section with collect food more than 120 and any primary weapons more than :zap:15

This is the first time you was challenged by me, read all description challenge details to complete it.

Challenge : Complete a round by using your name as a primary weapons and start over from :zap:0, and try to increase it more than :zap:10 to complete this challenge

@2sN found a massive of meteor storms block his way, and its strong like solids. It’s look likes one of Big Chicken had just sent a meteor storms on his way. It seems to going through by the hard way from this solid meteor storms.

Challenge : Defend yourself from meteor storms’s section without fire on any meteors and don’t die more than 5 times

I recommended to dodge those meteor storms from all direction incoming and defeat the Magnetic Manipulator to complete this challenge. If you fire on every meteors more than 30 times, you will be failed this challenge immediately. (Seriously, those meteors is actually strong like a solid)

CIU league talking place :point_left:

@RoboCat’s once again in Boss Rush, but this time all bosses are coming with more difficulty and more movements. Can he handle all of this?

Challenge : Defeat all bosses in difficulty 76% of Boss Rush by using any primary weapons start over from :zap:0, secondary weapons like satellites are not required and don’t collect any weapons or powerups (without dying doesn’t count)

This one is harder than you think, I recommended to use all your skills and movements as quickly as you can.

Congratulations @Star_Light, you had been challenged from me for the first time.

@Star_Light is fighting on @2sN while traveling around Minyas’s Constellation. Suddenly, meteor storms is coming from nowhere and passing both of them. @2sN’s side is tried to dodge those massive of meteors, but @Star_Light is take an easy way by destroy those meteors before he finds out what was happened out there.

Challenge : Destroy more than 75% of Meteor Storms in-all waves with your currently primary weapons

Henpire has dare @VerMishelb to play their own game, and now they play a retro invasion march on @VerMishelb. Can he send them back by his old-fashion way?

Challenge : Complete a round by using an old primary weapons from CI2 (Ion Blaster, Laser Cannon and Neutron Gun is required) and secondary weapons’s not required

Can you remember this weapons? Find out in challenge of CI2’s style.

@xXmlgDiegoXx is taking a nap, but he will gonna sudden wake up when something is on ahead of him. That was I thought, Egg Cannon has almost ready to fire a giant egg on @xXmlgDiegoXx, but he knew it and get out of fire distances in a close call.

@xXmlgDiegoXx has escaped from Egg Cannon’s deadly surprises. But unfortunately, It’s follow @xXmlgDiegoXx and try to destroy him fast for its menu. It seems he has no choice right now, fight it back whatever it wants!!!

Challenge : Defeat the Egg Cannon within 2 minutes

If you defeat the Egg Cannon more than 2 minutes after its fire a giant egg on you, you will be failed this challenge. Plus, you will be an omelette for Egg Cannon’s Menu.

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oh no i lose the dare

And you complete my challenge rule, didn’t you?

yes. for 1000 points you think i didn’t?
maybe because i didn’t blasted all of the asteroids and i just blasted the one side’s. :frowning:

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That was the first one you encounter by my first challenge. But don’t worry, your skills will improve and win a dare from me again soon.


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