CIU's League Challenge - Phase 1

But next time, it’s your turn to create your own challenge rule to challenge against me. I will see your challenge for the first time before enter in-game.
**And always remember, :point_right: I always check-in forum before enter in-game for create more challenge to the others.

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Sorry for the late reply was sleeping lol

This is the first challenge I’ve ever had with Lore, I think it’s great and quite original. Good work

I see this very complicated, on the side of achieving it at that time, in addition to getting the necessary score to win but it sounds interesting

I saw it necessary to make a meme for this (a jojo meme lol)

For those who want to challenge me, let them know that lately I will be active for a very short time because I will be busy with university issues, until further notice please do not send dares.


After @xXmlgDiegoXx has survived from the event of Egg Cannon’s deadly surprises, he has gone back to take a nap for his reason.

One Day Later, @xXmlgDiegoXx is going to buy some fried chicken at Space Burger on Corus in Iolaus’s constellation and take a seat to talk with his friends about what happened yesterday. Suddenly, unexpected event is approaching on @xXmlgDiegoXx once again. Something like Mother-hen ship but its bigger than I thought, and pick up with lasers.

OH MY GOD!!! It’s The Yolk Star!?!

It’s approaching in front of them while they eating and talking each other. It’s said “When Egg Cannon has been destroyed, it’s send a dying message to The Yolk Star to avenge it before it was destroyed.” All of his friends are charge attack to The Yolk Star, but it’s counterstrike back to them with remote lasers.

All of @xXmlgDiegoXx’s friends has been completely destroyed in one piece by The Yolk Star, and it’s look like all hopes are depend on @xXmlgDiegoXx again. May the Determination of Forks be twice with you, @xXmlgDiegoXx!!!

Challenge : Defeat The Yolk Star’s phase 1 before terminator chickens

I recommended to destroy The Yolk Star’s phase 1 first, try to dodge those terminator chickens’s following your position while attacking The Yolk Star and destroy those terminator chickens when The Yolk Star’s phase 2 was started. If you die by terminator chickens more than 6 times, you will be avenged by The Yolk Star and failed this challenge immediately.

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@2sN is once again found an electric’s section from another dimension. And this time, it’s U.C.O. from its dimension wants to challenge him by beat it down in time. And it said more “If you denied my challenge, all of your mankind will be mine, FOREVER. And you will be hunted by your best friends in your dimension. No hide, No sneak, No social, No mercy and No exist. The choice is yours.”

Challenge : Defeat the U.C.O.'s type#1 within 30 seconds and survive in darkness and electric’s section without dying

I can take out a piece of this topic and make a suggestion out of it lol

Can I?

Ok, I can accept. But don’t make this topic gone wrong in a wrong guy, ok?
If I discover and detect, you will be challenged back by my punishable challenge.

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You got a letter from unknown person, @Star_Light

"Dear @Star_Light, you has been accepted by Mr.Chickenaut S. Nugget, 56th birthday of Chickjoy A. Nugget, to come and join a party in 57th celebration birthday of Chickjoy A. Nugget, a biggest party you ever seen to take some fun and eat a cake. Come and fun at Thata Penthilus, Timandra’s constellation and don’t pickup any primary weapons to ruin this party.

See you soon,
Ms.Chickenaut M. Nugget"

I’m afraid that was definitely a trap for all of mankinds. Grab some satellites and burn them all, @Star_Light.

Challenge : Defeat the Clowns Chicken in “It’s Party Time” by using a secondary weapons only (primary weapons not required in boss fight)

If you use any primary weapons fire on boss fight, you will be failed this challenge cause Ms.Chickenaut M. Nugget told you already. Choose your satellites carefully before enter the session.

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@OneWingLunarian has been challenged for the first time, welcome to the CLC.

Challenge : Complete a round within 1 minute 30 seconds

CLC has invited @EasternLich to challenge for the first time at Astraea, Aetolus’s constellation. But her way got a massive of asteroids block out of the way. She must find a way out to reach a CLC’s destination.

Challenge : Reach a destination by avoid all meteors incoming without dying more than 10 times

If you were crashed by meteors more than 10 times, this challenge is failed immediately.

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I can clear my way through or I don’t have permission to fire?

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No permission to fire, @EasternLich

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Alright then. Time to dodge some meteors, expect a reply on the dare after I clear it

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This :medal_sports: will waiting to claim for you after start the session

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What do I do with Magnetic Manipulator at the end? Do I aggresively evade it’s projectiles or deal with it regularly as mandated by the UHF?

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Challenge said only dodge those meteors, defeat the Magnetlc Manipulator now.

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Time for some rocky chicken pie

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Report on the call: Lost by a considerable margin of points, 2 hits were recieved.

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Congratulations @EasternLich, You have reached a destination in-time. Unfortunately for lost a dare, but you lucky by got crashed only 2 hits from 10.

The next challenge will be added to you in the future.

Here’s your reward


“And”? Does this mean I must get them all during the fight or?

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No, it’s not all of them. Just use only one of three weapons’s required to complete this challenge. Because CI2’s weapons have only three of them, this is reason that why I required three of them.