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people imply it’s the hardest mission because it’s the most prominent mission, therefore they’re inclined to say said mission

and it’s not the hardest


Since CI5U leaderboards is locked I’ll put this here

How nice is this? (from 1 to 5)
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@Lunatico My friend, with my respect, i hope you next time you should read the full story first before you do something else (like giving an advice).
And be carefully about your words. Try not to use any words like this:

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Do you think the game is dying?

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Post can’t be empty.

I could considerate myself but I think you should be the one to consider staying calm first. That’s like sarcastic speech.

just because there are no big updates except summer update that doesn’t mean that the game is dead


Hello people, I am back after 3 months. 3rd secondary year is over.


Welcome back dude

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welcome back

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Thanks, welcome back too!



Welcome back, mina
I have finished the same 3rd secondary year (Egypt) lol

That’s normal cause that’s IA