Early Access version 69

Codenames are generated by given words and these names made by randomize, so I guess there should be Icy Interaction & Black-And-White Interaction codenames too. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I really wonder if there is a mission with the codename Mild Orange, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen both of those words on another missions


Hm, no.

Absolutely not. The only reason they are shown in the League is so that you can select which mission you prefer

Fixed in v.70 :medal_sports: Bug.

Ok. Changed in v.70

Approx 120%

I don’t see any difficulty triggers. You mean when you get too close? That always happens.

It could, but “Locate” is meant to facilitate locating other recruit so you can counterdare. You still haven’t played their dare at this stage, so “Locate” is premature.

Known. Technical limitation. Recent missions will be merged only if they don’t have other intervening missions between them.

That would clutter the screen for something that is rarely needed. What would you do with such information anyway? Go to the original planet to fly it again?

Well, the 3 Crabs do follow a difficulty progression. “Giant Robotic Space Crab” is easier than “Attack of the Giant Crab” which is easier than “The King of Crabs”. Unless you feel that this ordering is wrong?

Changed in v.70 :medal_sports: Idea

Huh. Can’t replicate. In your first screenshot, I see some feathers, so it’s not the start of the wave. If that portal has spawned another set of enemies and you didn’t kill them in order, Pecking order would disappear on that wave. Pecking order is for ALL enemies coming out of the portal, regardless of their grouping in sets.

No, it should use all 5 attacks in anything above 66% (excluding skills – skills do NOT affect wave generation). Which mission was this?

Special-casing, and a complex one at that.

Technically, the Corn Shotgun never overheats. So I can’t depend any behaviour on Coolants, because they’re never activated.

That’s texture bleeding due to imprecise cropping. Fixed in v.70 :medal_sports: Bug, but bear in mind that it might cause the inverse problem (cases where a square doesn’t appear to be fully filled).

It’s because Feathers no longer count in stats, so the only enemies on that wave are bombs. Fixed in v.70 :medal_sports: Bug

Suggested before, but too much work at this stage.

:new: is for new features. This isn’t a feature.

When your spacecraft is sideways, your weapon pods squash together (due to perspective), so your firing pattern changes.


Well, it says “Interaction”, not “InterAction” :wink:


But they are also shown even if you’re not the darer, so you’re forced to fly them. That’s why I suggested the waves to be shown at normal missions too.

Yeah, but from what difficulty it happens?

In-case it was an assignment and you cleared it but forgot the coordinates. To share it o got there, etc…

I killed all in order. Even if I didn’t touch them I noticed that it keeps disappearing and appearing at groups.

Sorry, but I forgot. I played 18 Boss Rushes in-order to met “It’s the Mother-hen Ship” and see its new feature and I met Egg Cannon and used SSH. The difficulty was 90% to 110%.

But maybe because skill don’t affect it as you said. Wish it did

Oh, I thought it’s possible to lose a coolant and corn stays normal instead of shooting popcorn. I kinda feels weird that I have coolants but it didn’t calm corn shotgun.

When I’m in-game, for some reason the background in the galaxy starts to tear really bad when travelling at max speed, this can happen if i move quickly with the plasma rifle’s beam, or even the laser scope. I have V-Sync on, evem tried turning it off but it didnt work. It looks really bad, but for some reason if i record the game and replicate what i did, it looks completely normal in the recording, the background doesnt tear and neither do the laser scope or anything else. Is this something from the game’s side?

@InterAction_studios maybe just add this challenge feature (like “time trial”, “collection”, “greed mode” etc.) to increase more difficulty in game and for fun to dare someone.

This one is a good comment from challenge that I create it for more fun and more difficulty

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i’ve just noticed that the hide hud for taking screenshot button can break screen transition after completing a mission

show added from coins collected

Why though

iA can you change the login method please?

Attack of the Giant Crab is the easiest crab, because the patterns are definite, and the Giant Robotic Space Crab meanwhile has throwing targets in a restricted space. Whether or not King of Crabs is easier or harder than the other two because of the screen expansion is up to debate.

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Small detail maybe fix
When boss exploded in the dark, it should have a big flash (bright the screen up).

when dares exist, i think myself of “restrictions” for dares
so that’s why this reply exists:
Custom Restrictions for dares
you can use this to force people to do stuff:
types of restrictions:
Weapons: can choose any weapon except moron raligun, moron railgun is a meme, not an actual practical weapon, so do not put moron railgun as a restriction, example: “no boron railgun” or “Plasma Rifle only”
weapon starting fp: can go from 0 to 8, example: “starting firepower: 4”
Items: you can strict people to not use phase-outs, or anything like special weapons, can restrict anything that is an item, example: “no Damage Amplifiers”. “Extra lives only”
ships: uhhhhhh i dont really know what to say here, but i guess the “types” of spacecrafts is the best choice here, like “H&Cs only”, since not everyone has every single spacecraft

comment notes: this might be already suggested.

indeed, already suggested by trueuser and denied

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oh ok

All difficulties.

Can’t replicate. Remember that each spawner has its own Pecking Order, and ALL enemies coming out of a particular spawner belong to the same Pecking Order (i.e., each group of 4 doesn’t have its own Pecking Order).

It did originally, but that was changed at some point because otherwise the set of waves would change depending on your skill setting.

Perhaps your graphics driver is overriding (ignoring) the V-Sync setting. When you turn on VSync and “Show FPS” in the advanced graphics options, how many FPS does it show? Is it around 60?

You mean it cancels the spiral fade-out? That’s known any by design.

Changed in v.70 :medal_sports: Idea


Can you please read this IA?

The Fps always is around 60 at that time

Henley’s Comet is very weak right now, can you increase their health?

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How would increasing its health make it stronger

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