Weekly Ideas #3

Well, here we are back with more ideas for CIU, this time with a third member which is OrioWaffle who wanted to help with drawings, we hope you like this week’s ideas and can say your opinion about the post and also about the drawings.


This idea is about the tier 99 medal being next to the name of the player who obtained that medal. This serves to differentiate the other players who are of lower tier and to add an extra reward for obtaining that tier.

(Image showing a tier 99 player. The medal drawing was made by OrioWaffle)


These are designs for the “H&C” models, they were created by my friend PocketWatchstudios.

Front winglet:










We will start with a new type of zone which is Movement, this zone is used when there are indestructible objects such as barriers that move without stopping, these are located where they are going to start their movement in addition to warning the player that something of the wave It will move, also these disappear when playing in more advanced missions.

(Image of what the area would look like, it was made by OrioWaffle)

Examples of how it would be used:

On the radar:

(Movement zone above where the line of barriers begins to rotate, also a danger zone is added to the middle because there is something dangerous in that area of the screen)

Windshield wispers:

(Like the previous one, these zones are added in the places where the barrier lines of this wave move)

Captures of the waves taken from the videos of: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTYKUK3C1St0L2_n-SWTmuA

Now the new ideas for waves:

Exchange of deliveries: The droids would approach the middle of the screen, they would make 3 lines with 2 droids each, one of the droids would take the delivery and give it in the middle to the other, after the second droid receives the order, it moves away towards its side from the screen.

Slob square: 2 boxes with 2 Slob Chickens inside them, these boxes are made up of 4 Lv4 barriers and 8 indestructible barriers, these boxes would rotate 45 degrees each time the Lv4 barriers fire. Also there would be some chicks protecting these boxes and bothering the player.

Pillow fight!: In this wave the chickens between their wings have smaller feathers that make them pass through their “pillows”, these would be hidden between the feathers and would come out to attack the player with their pillows, when leaving these they can move the feathers of the wave.

Chickens between feathers: The chickens are hidden in the feathers, when you move them you will discover them.

Angry chickens: Do you recognize the reference? The chickens that will be thrown by the slingshot will be inside the structures built with indestructible barriers, they will move as the chickens are thrown towards the player, the latter can decide between killing them or simply dodging them. Chickens can be thrown from any angle (from the reference point of the slingshot) and perhaps some of these have the powers of certain birds, such as chicks can be divided into 3 (but the latter would take too much work).

Lost deliveries: These droids have gotten lost and collided with each other, causing the orders they carry to scatter through cold space or even lose their protective bubble. If you want to have the food that is still in the bubble you must destroy its corresponding droid, the bubbles can be pushed with your projectiles so be careful which of these you push and the food that is without bubble will be floating so you can go and collect it.


Sharp Barrier: This barrier could be considered in the group of “attack barriers” or “offensive barriers”, when entering its attack radius, stretch the spikes that it has up and down to finish with the player, its blind spot are the sides so remember that in case you are going to face this thorny defense. This barrier would have its destructible and indestructible form.

Sharp Barrier
(Design of how this enemy would look in the game, was made by OrioWaffle)

Spring barrier: This barrier will bounce the projectiles that impact on it, either who it protects as the player’s but be careful these trampolines are not infinite, once their life bar is over they will break and you can destroy the barrier without problems. This barrier would have its destructible and indestructible form.

Spring barrier
(Design of how this enemy would look in the game, was made by OrioWaffle)

UFO Toxic chicken: Tired of being the laughingstock of his other chicken brothers for not attacking and only creating a toxic cloud when he dies, he decides to build his own UFO. His new attack is no longer necessary to kill him to make a toxic cloud, if not now to learned to release that cloud at will so be careful when you are very close as you can get a very bad surprise.

(Design of how this enemy would look in the game, was made by PoketWatchstudios)

Friendly chicken: This chicken doesn’t want to attack you, it just wants to be your friend. This chicken would appear in a wave and if you let it live it will give a reward as a token of friendship. If you kill him then don’t expect a different reward than a common chicken but you will be a heartless monster for killing someone who just wanted to be your friend.

Friendly chicken
(Design of how this enemy would look in the game, was made by OrioWaffle, also thanks to @Toppy for adding details to the image)

Chicken shotgun: This chicken is serious, no longer thinking of shooting you an egg and waiting for you to kill it. He takes out his trusty “EggGun” to go to eliminate the player, His EggGun will shoot the same as the third face of the “Egg cannon cannon cannon cannonade” so be careful with its projectiles.

(Design of how this enemy would look in the game, was made by PoketWatchstudios)


Many thanks to PoketWatchstudios and OrioWaffle for their help with their drawings and also for improving my ideas with some added details. Also thank you very much who is reading this for staying reading this long post and I hope you have not found it boring.

Here are the social networks of my friends in case they want to see more of their work and help them:

PoketWatchstudios twitter: https://twitter.com/watch_studios

OrioWaffle deviantart: OrioWaffle - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt

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Wow, Friendly Chicken and Shotgun actually look good. Would want to see those added.

Although I would name the Chicken Shotgun: Peacemaker Chicken


I’m 14 and this is deep.

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perfect!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Ion: hits
Me: :sob: I commited crime


Why exactly 99 tier medal? There’s nothing super hard about earning it, you just need to keep playing and you get it. I would argue that 100% exploration reward is much harder to earn. Better yet, let the player choose which medal to show next to his name. From all of them of course.


just show their EA medal after EA


a quality of life addition. i like it

Some waves (energy fences) may replace barriers at high difficulty.
nice idea but it is the only one I dislike. it looks more annoying than slobs!

sounds fun bu only if our projectiles won’t hurt us

regarding these 2 barriers… will they be able to spawn in shoot the core boss fight?

Best idea EVER!
(It’s so sad how rovio ruined angry birds franchise)

It’s absurd how you managed to make 3 new unique breeds after that “30 new enemies topic”


Let’s summarize my own opinion.

  • I don’t think tier 99 is very special to have something to show it to others.
  • I support every customization options. They look good.
  • Movement zone, I think this is self-explanatory by the player itself. Adding too much information can confuse players. So, don’t.
  • New waves, looks interesting and not so deadly. Good.
  • Sharp barrier, can work, but might struggle to find what wave that should have it.
  • Bouncy barrier, if your own projectile can harm you, big NO. Imagine instantanous death because of using riddler. If it’s aesthetic only, also no.
  • UFO toxic, I don’t really get it. Does he release the gas randomly or there’s any trigger to make it does?
  • Friendly, okay… But some waves can’t proceed if some chicken doesn’t get killed.
  • Chicken shotgun, He should be at least as big as Chickenaut, because it would be weird if it’s not.

I thought about it because basically the tier is like the “level” in this game so it would be to show the players at maximum tier.

I don’t understand this, sorry

Release gas randomly

When this chicken is in a wave, the wave ends if this chicken is alive or dead, it may be very difficult to program then if it would be in the waves where it is not necessary to kill all the enemies.

This barrier, as its name suggests, makes projectiles bounce, it can be used to hit enemies that are at a difficult angle or for enemy projectiles to bounce off it and hit you creating a “strategy”.

He’s saying that there would be too many indicators with this, and that it’s not really necessary, anyways. It’s rather specific

The question is whether or not you can hit yourself with your own bullets. It would be bad if you could.

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Oh, I was confused with something else then, but I consider that there should be some kind of alert for this type of waves since it could cause unexpected deaths for those who do not know or see anything of these waves.

ABSOLUTELY NO, it would be causing many unnecessary and unjust deaths.

Sounds like an interesting name


Well you could say that this wasn’t “my final form”, besides that it would be nice to have a great variety of chickens taking advantage of the theme of “universe”

The bouncing projectiles of the player will not hurt him, it would be quite unfair and would create a very broken enemy, the truth is I do not know if it would be a good place to place them since the apple core projectiles would reboot in them and it would be very chaotic. I think it would be better if they are in normal waves or bosses that use this barrier in a better way


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