"Karma" system idea

This system does not affect missions, only the map. It also does not take droid raids into account since the UHF does not have a protection treaty with the space burger company.

Positive Karma: It is acquired by traveling along the interstellar highway and buying in authorized stores (Galactic Store, Heroes Academy, Aftermarket Station, Heroware, Fortune teller and Gus’s gas) avoiding dealers.

  • Rewards: Certified stores will give you special discounts for being an exemplary recruit, the UHF officers will greet you in a friendly way and ask for your help in arresting renegade recruits, if you capture a renegade recruit they will give you a re-reward in keys.

Neutral Karma (0): They are not on either side, you are neither an exemplary recruit nor a renegade recruit. Therefore you will not have rewards of any kind.

Negative Karma: This is earned by traveling off-road (when a UHF cop see that action) and buying from dealers. You become a renegade recruit and the police will try to arrest you, you can evade them by changing your spacecraft or the paint.

  • Rewards: Dealers will give you free items if you go to buy something from them, you will have a new option when you go to buy from authorized stores which is “steal”. In addition, the dealers will ask you for help to escape the UHF.

New behavior for dealers: They can now steal items from stores in order to sell them cheaper, if you see a dealer stealing you can help arrest him or help him to escape.

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