Weekly ideas #2

Hello, my friend we have again the ideas that we have had during this week, I hope you like them.


These new foods can be exclusive to the “Droid raid” missions (which can only be obtained by the droids that transport the food) or released when killing enemies.

Chicken pie: Well, in this case a piece of pay.

Chicken nuggets: A delicious bucket of chicken nuggets from your favorite fast food franchise, is there anything better?

Clupea harengus: It is returned in CIU and not as an unlockable, this little fish learned “the art of disguise”, this one will dress up as a chicken leg to confuse you. Its function would be an easter egg.


For this week my friend decided to create designs for the “BX” or “Bomber” models, I hope you like them.

Wing texture:




Right and left pylon texture:



Overclock: With this Perishable the maximum level stops being 20 and becomes 30, when increasing the maximum power the reactor consumes much more energy producing more heat, I hope you have a good heat sink accompanying you.

(Example of how it would look in the store together with a reference price).

Power up savior: Its function is that when you die it will save the atoms you lost with that death, when you lose that life the atoms will come out and bounce around the screen, they will also have the “player color aura” like when they give you atoms in the “charity” bonus . It should be said that when you collect them again they won’t give you a score. It consumes every time you lose a life, so equip many of these if you go on a very difficult mission.

power up savior
(Example of how it would look in the store together with a reference price).

Special Weapons

Reinforced bullets: Add a shield around each projectile, when it collides with an enemy projectile both will disappear, that is, the projectiles having the shield will defend you from enemy attacks (it doesn’t protect you from “laser” type attacks, for example the cannons of the Yolk star), its duration is 5 seconds.

Reinforsed bullets
(Example of how it would look in the store together with a reference price).

“Torpedo”: How forget the time of CI1 and CI2 when this bad boy destroyed enemies that were off screen and helped you skip difficult waves, unfortunately these were removed from CI3 due to their high dangerousness and replaced by the missiles and mine that we have now. Now they have returned but with certain restrictions, these are only stacked in units of 1 to limit their use, their speed is much less than that of a mine when loading their exploration and you can only carry a limit of 3-4 per mission to so not over exploit its destructive power. (I called it “Torpedo” so that he was not confused with the missile)

(Example of how it would look in the store together with a reference price).


Scientific chicken: This chicken likes science a lot but that does not make it an enemy to take lightly, it will not kill you from an attack it is an enemy of “support or help” to others. It will launch test tubes with liquids of different colors which when colliding with your ship will give different effects:

Blue: Limits the movement speed of the player, it makes you slower.

Purple: Limit the speed of your shots, that is, you will shoot slower.

Red: The other enemies will be put on alert and their next attack will go directly to you.

Orange: Increases the heat generated by shooting.

Green: The fire button and to activate a “special weapon” are reversed.

Light blue: Your shots will do less damage.

(Example of the appearance of the enemy and the test tubes with their respective colored liquids).


Thank you very much to my friend Poketwatchstudios for helping me illustrate my ideas and also for creating content for CIU, I hope they support his work as always if you liked the drawings I made for this post. Also many thanks to you if you got to this point.

My friend’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/watch_studios


I didn’t know I NEED it! Such a blessing

Bombers looks a bit “forgotten” in terms of paintjobs so I say nice ideas.
Textures 1 and 4 looks great but I will never use 2 and 3.

There is a reason why the max levels are 20 and 25.
Adding this will mess up the balance we are building

Nice. Let’s see what other have to say about

Three words: broken with overdrive

A stronger missile? I don’t see the point of it but if something as useless as poultry payback is a thing…

I think it should work better as a boss.
In normal waves it would be even worse than cowards
I really like the concept


Overall the post have some nice concepts that I see go in-game, while others doesn’t fit it


It’s similar to what I suggested in before.


I thought this in itself is useful for some future, since I also thought that right now it is very difficult to be implemented.

To make it a little more balanced, the time could be reduced.

Poultry payback is activated on death while the torpedo can be used manually without the need to die, it eliminates even off-screen enemies (as happened in CI1 and CI2) which this feature helps you “skip waves”.

I was also thinking about the possibility that he would become a boss due to his random attacks, but I ruled it out because he would depend on other enemies to kill the player.

If you think that is horrible, for that color I wanted its effect to be that it inverted all the controls of the player and I opted for that effect because if you inverted all the controls it would be too OP.

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I would like to remind you the game will be on mobile devices too. If you have automatic fire while moving, it will break literally everything.

Can you give me an example with what is in the post?

Overclock will require more weapon balancing, and I believe everyone has had enough of that already.
Reinforced bullets sounds kinda interesting, but there’s an issue. We already have dimensional phaseouts, which serves the same purpose: defense. This is just that, but worse, for a few reasons:

  1. Only blocks stuff you can actually hit, so good luck hitting something if it’s coming from your back.
  2. As you said, it doesn’t block instant lasers. Phaseouts do.

Torpedoes are similar to what I suggested before, nukes, which essentially do the same as missiles from previous episodes, with a few minor differences compared to this. Overall, I think the concept could work if balanced properly. Maybe. Though entirely skipping waves might get boring quickly. I don’t know, i’m neutral about this idea.
Same goes for the power up savior. Maybe it could work with proper balancing, maybe not.
I like the idea of the scientific chicken, though. But its appearance should be restricted to certain waves.
I think this enemy could also make a good assistance for bosses.
Edit: forgot about the cosmetics. But I don’t really have any complaints here


This idea was made in case it could be included in some distant future, since as you mention now it is very little possible because we already have a good balance in the game right now.

It could be considered as a much more basic defense, for example mines are a superior version to that of missiles, in this case Reinforced bullets would be a cheaper version for defense than Dimensional phaseouts, it would also have a cheaper price in the store.

Overclock - will, it’s not about the balance being good, it’s that it’s hard to keep things in balance.
Reinforced bullets - okay, they can be a cheaper defense superweapon, but they have to be much cheaper, so not just by one key or something.
Btw, mines aren’t superior versions of missiles. They both cost the same, and are the same thing, just that they take different amounts of time to detonate.


Good to know, I always thought that mines do more damage than missiles.


I’m not “No” aganst my favourite color.
I’m aganst the reverse control.
It’s just too mesy


Oh okay, any ideas for your favorite color?

Did you play mobile CIany? You have an option to fire automatically while moving which also makes your satellites fire. If you swap right and left mouse buttons, for mobile player it doesn’t change like at all, same goes for those with “Automatic satellites fire” enabled. Also, if you remapped some buttons or you’re a keyboard player (they exist, I saw), this won’t affect you too.

Ok, now I understand, I think it makes sense, any ideas to improve it?

Also Piggly and Christmas Eve Crisis food could be added.

EDIT: New food idea - #30 by samuelronban


The new food and customization options seem good. I’m not so sure about overclocking because as others have said, balancing weapons is already hard… And level 20 is already pretty OP on the first three difficulty levels, so I fear that level 30 would just destroy everything in sight, even if the weapon overheated fast. It would need some testing.
Power up savior also feels pretty OP considering that you have a couple seconds of invincibility to move around the screen and collect whatever you need. Maybe it should only save two/three of the five atoms you lose with each death. Reinforced bullets feel like a cool idea, but could be unbalanced when using weapons whose projectiles spread a lot around the screen (such as Utensil Poker). Maybe only some projectiles and not all of them should have a shield?
I love the scientist chicken idea. He could work as a boss as long as he was accompanied by something else (other chickens, maybe some machines) that could kill you.


Thanks for the comment!

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Added to v.108 :medal_sports: Idea