[Weapon idea] Wingman drones as an alternative to satellites

A few months ago @CommanderGumball made a thread about adding a pet chicken as a sort of upgradeable wingman.
In the thread, @isp mentioned Hen Solo as the wingman in CI4, which gave me the idea for implementing drones.
Recently this thread has popped up which talked about adding Hen Solo to the game, so I decided it’s about time I finalized the idea.

And now this drone thread just popped up, so I’m just going to get on with it already.

The idea is to add drones, which would function just like the wingman in CI4.

drone This is a mockup design I came up with, using pieces of the M40X base sprite.

The drone has a single small thruster and two weapon pods. It’s equipped with a compact version of the Moron Railgun (different weapons could perhaps be added, but I haven’t really thought much about that) and fires two weak bolts per volley. Its default rate of fire is 6.66/s and can be increased up to 10.2/s with upgrades.

The drones can be mounted in satellite docks. Additionally, they require a control unit (or something like that) to be installed on the spaceship (the control unit can be mounted on a hardpoint). If the control unit is absent, the drones will not appear in the mission.

The drones’ base, shine and engine colors as well as engine type should match the paintjob of the player’s ship.

Drones are less controllable than satellites and deal damage more slowly, but they don’t have an ammo limit. This means they can deal a lot more damage over time, so they should be pretty expensive (or it could be countered by implementing a cooldown period after a certain amount of shots have been fired, in which case they should also have an ammo/cooldown indicator).


Everything was great until that line:

In my opinion it would be better to have every drone as separate entity to paint. Yes, it is harder to make (but just little harder), but we have more choices. For example we could recreate Infinity Gauntlet.

And holy chick how cute and adorable are these little beauties.


This is one of the best ideas for the game, and we really wish it would get implemented into the game asap.

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Somehow that doeſn’t improve my impreſſion of the idea at all.

The idea is perfect, I don’t see anything wrong with it…

The problem was that it got your ſtamp of approval. I mean, you are a joke account that has been uſed many a time to ſuggeſt really bad ideas.

I didn’t approve anything, it was an opinion angry customer, bad ideas? Everyone liked CIU-EA except few …users. :slight_smile:

How dare you call Traveller an angry customer?

C’mon, it isn’t that bad! Just look, this topic is detailed and has good looking images! Yes, I know it may sound bad to you but it is actually a good idea to me (and other people)! :grinning:

There we go again…

Can you please keep this topic outside of my thread? Thank you.

That’s not at all what he meant, but I don’t feel like explaining the joke to you.


Yes, i could, as long as EA doesn’t make insultful names to people.

I don’t know what to say to that but okay.

it’s a joke

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oh. sorry about that

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